Thursday, July 30, 2020

2020 Mid-Year Check-in

Yvonne @Quiltingjetgirl is hosting a mid-year checkpoint for 2020.  Such a strange year it has been - a year where each day seems like the one before and much of what I (and everyone else) planned to do has been cancelled.

So what has been accomplished in 2020 so far?

Before the pandemic was truly upon us, I enjoyed a wonderful trip to QuiltCon in Ashville.

There are also over 100 masks I never expected to make.  I've lost count on the actual number and stopped taking photos of them long ago.  My extended family prefers this style and I make them to allow for a filter pocket.  I've made several of the more fitted style but apparently haven't taken any photos.

A number of finishes - two of these are laps sized while the rest are baby sized or smaller.  I just love the explosion of color in the this photo!

Kristin and I ran a successful QAL focus on hand piecing.  We called the pattern Book Club and named the blocks after characters in our favorite novels.

My quilt Astro was a Modern Quilt Guild quilt of the month.

Image credit: Modern Quilt Guild
I've played with scraps to make this Ombre pillow, this table runner, and these bags plus I've played with cork - so fun -  and made these zip bags.

I've also got some other projects underway that are designed to take awhile - my 2020 temperature quilt, my hand pieced stretched hexies, and my (now completed) 100 day project.

Reflecting back has turned out to be a positive exercise - I've got more to show for the year than I expected.  When the year began, I gave myself a set of goals.  How am I doing?

  • Participate in a group quilt for submission to QuiltCon 2021- Nothing on this one yet besides making blocks for our guilds submission to the charity challenge
  • Submit new quilt design for publish - have a second quilt publish coming out soon, nothing yet submitted for 2021
  • Improve my design skills through weekly challenges - some progress on this
  • Keep pushing my boundaries on color  - some progress on this
Motivation and Inspiration (my blog tag line)
  • Collaborate with other quilters/bloggers on a project  - Book Club QAL for the win!
  • Encourage participation in One Monthly Goal - some progress
  • Figure out how the purpose of the ESQ Facebook group - No action
  • Publish tutorials at least quarterly - On target for this - there were several tutorials with the QAL and I've another one planned for the summer.
Improve my skills
  • Practice and perfect a new FMQ design - no progress on this
  • Practice my photography flat shot no progress on this
  • Do more with the fabric I already own - oddly enough, the pandemic is helping me attain this goal as I am just using stash
  • Improve my technique in quilting - it's all about the curve!
I'll be linking up here.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Your collage of quilt finishes for the year is bright, happy, and brought a bit smile to my face this morning, Patty! I think you are doing really well with your goals, especially given how many face masks you have made and how much things have shifted since we originally set goals. I hope that you find a lot of joy on the projects you work on in the second half of the year.

  2. Great work this year! Your temperature quilt is progressing nicely, and I greatly enjoyed your 100 day project this year. And yes-this pandemic is certainly helping me to use my stash more readily!!

  3. You accomplish so much. Thank you for challenges. Great job on quilts.

  4. You certainly have lots of lovely projects to show. Great job on the masks.


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