Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Zip Cork Bag

Have you experimented with cork yet?  I've made my first two bags after avoiding using cork fabric because I was a bit intimidated.  Both cork pieces are fabric backed and were sourced at QuiltCon.

The first bag was gifted to my sister.  This is an easy (free) pattern from Sew Sweetness which gave me the confidence to tackle something more complex.

My next one is for me (!!!!).  I wanted a small clutch to through my phone and a credit card when I'm running out and don't want to carry my purse.... i.e. picking up take-out.

The cork is a deep dark almost black blue and goes well with my fabric.  (I used the same fabric for the lining.)

I made this pattern up as I went but traced the original shape from this Coach clutch that I current ly use.

I took my time and thought through each step carefully.  For example, I started with just one layer of fusible fleece on the fabric but once I sewed it to the cork piece, I decided it wasn't stable enough so carefully added a second layer.  (Also added interfacing to the lining.)

Now off to pick-up lunch!  French fries anyone?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great job on both! Looks like the cork stitches up nicely from the looks of the strap. Way to go on the inset zipper too!

  2. I've not used cork, but your projects look great! I may have to try it! :)


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