Thursday, September 16, 2021

One Block Scrap Quilts

I'm thrilled to share that my article One Block Scrap Quilt is featured in the latest issue of Make Modern Magazine!

I've published several quilt patterns with the magazine but this is my first ever published article and I'm very excited to share it.

I've made two scrap quilts so far!  The most recent is my postage stamp quilt.  In the article, I give tips on how to construct a similar quilt for yourself using scraps.  I included some tips on how to stay organized as your quilt progresses.

My quilt finished at 60'' x 60'' so those beautiful collection of solid squares are 1'' finished.  This quilt was finished in April.

I also shared a few photos of my Half Rectangle Triangle scrap quilt which I called Scrappy Celebration!    I finished this quilt in November 2018.

While both quilts are filled with wonderful scraps, the fabrics for the HRT quilt were curated and I paid more attention to placement.  

Want to learn more about how to tackle your very own scrap quilt?  Grab issue 42 of Make Modern!  There are some wonderful quilt and table runner patterns in the issue too.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, September 13, 2021

Firefly Tote - Project Sized

When images of the Firefly Tote by Noodlehead (i.e. Anna Graham) started showing up in my IG feed, I knew I wanted to make one - or two! - for myself.  I really liked the front pocket design and the size seemed perfect.   The only thing I wasn't fond of - for my use - was the drawstring closure.

So I did a recessed zipper instead!!

All the fabrics use were from my stash where they had been living for over six years.  They are Moda Sweetwater prints.

Right now, the extra zipper bit is pushed down inside the bag.  I am going to put the bag to use for awhile and then decide how to handle it.

This was my practice tote which is now perfect for picnics and trips to the pool.  I couldn't visualize how to do the zipper until I had a bag in front of me.  The pattern is easy to follow and there are great supporting videos.

For my next one, I will make the larger one using a gray canvas.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Thursday, September 9, 2021

August Temperatures

August was a hot and humid month!  In fact, 18 of the 31 days saw highs in the 90s (i.e. red) and lows in the 70s (i.e. yellow.)   Interestingly enough, when the calendar flipped to September 1, the humidity disappeared -  at least for now!

When I compare to August of 2020, we actually had less 90+ days than last August!   (In the photo below, the first eight months of 2020 are on the left and 2021 is on the right. )

My design documents both the high and low temperature in a block which finishes 1 1/2 '' x 2''.  The improv strip is 1/4'' wide and records the low temperatures.  

Every month takes 2 columns - the 1 through 15 in first column and then 16 through end of month in the second column.  Filler blocks are added to square off the quilt.  The thin strips - 1/4'' wide - are randomly inserted and run 'vertically' for odd days and 'horizontally' for even days.

I'm using the exact same fabric that I did for my 2020 Temperature quilt.  The time I spent organizing is paying off - it takes no time at all to get the prep work done for sewing each block.  I made myself a mini-quilt to show off my temperature grid.  Oranges are 80s, yellows are 70s and sew on.  I've been asked several times what my fabrics are - I used all Painters Palette solids:
100+ is Sangria, 95+ is Real Red, 90+ is Poppy red, 85+ is Burnt Orange, 80+ is Tangerine, 75+ is Pencil Yellow, 70+ is Bright Yellow, 65+ is Apple Green, 60+ is Mint, 55+ is Bright Aqua, 50+ is Turquoise, 45+ is China Blue, 40+ is Lapis, 35+ is Purple, 30+ is Amethyst, and any temp is the 20s is Royalty.

I've written up my basic temperature quilt process in my tutorial including where I source the high and low information.  I'm looking forward to sharing the progress!  You can see my temperature quilts for 2018, 2019, and 2020!

Have a wonderful day! Patty