Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is the working name for my latest quilt top finish and is my entry for this year's Pantone Challenge using the color Peach Fuzz. (You can read more about the challenge on Sara's blog.) I will be entering just the quilt top - love that this is an option.

I'm busy basting the quilt now and looking forward to getting the quilting underway.  Fabrics used are Painter's Palette color Verbena (aka Peach Fuzz) along with black and a color called Bittersweet which is a red-orange. I plan on using Aurifil 2277 Light Red Orange and 2220 Light Salmon.

The quilt is 48" x 60". I debated with a few friends whether to make the quilt square or rectangular and (clearly!) went with the rectangle. My plan is to quilt with my walking foot and then come back and add some FMQ. 

This is my second year joining the challenge. Last year's entry was my quilt top Echo.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Cozy QAL - The Stitching & The Color Reveal

My quilt with the Cozy QAL from Alison Glass is stenciled with words of affirmation. These 4" stencils turned out to be the perfect size - rest assured, I did test things out ahead of time on scraps just to be sure. I also used a washable marker - also tested multiple times - so any errors could easily be washed away. (It is incredible hard to photograph this to capture the true color of the jersey knit.)

After taking advantage of a long car ride to see the eclipse, I quickly finished up my stitching around the stencils and began the process of cutting away the letters to reveal the color inside.

Six words done with four to go - all words of affirmation. I used different color pearl cotton for each word beginning with red at the top and ending with a deep purple.

Most of the letters are easy to cut away although the letter S is a bit finicky. Once all the words are revealed, I plan to "bind" the quilt using one of the techniques in the tutorial from Alison. There will be some negative space along the edges in spots that I may be temped to add some stencils like a flower to reveal more color but no decisions on that at this point. (Want to see the middle layer - check out this post.)

Such a fun project!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, April 15, 2024

The London Quilt Assembly

One of the projects that has kept me quite busy is a quilt to gift to my nephew and bride for their upcoming wedding. My sister suggested a palette of red, white, and blue with a theme of London. I spent countless hours trying to decide how to work with this.

My first idea was to create some London landmarks. I went as far as creating a London eye which came out cool but really was not the vibe I wanted for the quilt so I put the block aside. (It will appear again in another quilt!)

Instead I decided to play with the colors, quarter circles and orange peels. For the fabric, I chose Ruby and Bee solids that were part of the 2023 QuiltCon challenge. I still had some of fabric in my stash and then ordered more to round out the fabric required.

For the back, I found this great panel using the same colorway. My plan is to surround the panel with the blue fabric.

I hope to finish the quilt in the next week or so with plans to have it quilted by a LAQ. Wedding gifts are the only quilts that I don't quilt myself!

Have a wonderful day! Patty