Monday, January 21, 2019

Hand Pieced QAL : The 4-patch (Block 1)

We are so very excited to share our very first block in the Hand Pieced QAL.  Nine blocks and 2 possible settings with lots of opportunity for learning and quiet sewing for everyone!  (If you missed it, please visit the Hand Pieced QAL kick-off page for the big reveal as well as coloring pages.)  

The wonderful 4-patch block is so very versatile.  It is both fun and quick to make plus it will provide practice for both a beginning and a experienced hand-piecer.

I've chosen to cascade colors down my quilt (set on point) so my prints are purposely set in the block.  Make sure you download the coloring pages so you can plan out your fabric placement.

We can't wait to see your finished blocks - the link-up opens Thursday!  (See the overall QAL post for more information on how to link-up.)

As needed, refer back to our tutorials (including video) on each of the hand piecing skills:
Fabric requirements are available as well as some suggestions of useful tools and notions and a coloring page.  (See overall QAL page for more information.)

Kristin is hosting the tutorial for the 4-Patch block on Simple Handmade Everyday.  Click image below to visit tutorial and enjoy time piecing this week's block!

Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop and Famore for sponsoring the block tutorials!

The link-up for the 4 Patch block - block 1 in our QAL - opens on Thursday, January 24!  Finished blocks can be shared in any weekly link-up, however, so don't worry if you get behind.

For more information on the QAL including catching up with any tutorials you've missed, please visit the main event page - Hand Pieced QAL.   

You can also join our Hand Pieced Quilt Along Facebook Group and / or subscribe to our newsletter so you'll be among the first to know about new block tutorials.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, January 18, 2019

2018 Temperatures

I had so much fun recording the daily high temperatures in 2018.  I choose hexies because it gave me a chance to both make the pieces ahead of time and to practice my hexie sewing. 

Clearly, as the photo of the back demonstrates, I still have a way to go in my hexie skills - the back is a bit of a hot mess.  (In my defense, this is only my second hexie project - Random was my first.)

As a quilting design, I choose to put several spirals.  I really like the way it looks but it was a bit of a bear to do because I didn't really think things through before starting and found myself in tough corners!

I've started on my temperature quilt for 2019.  I am staying with the same color palette so that I can compare 2018 to 2019.  I decided to drop the hexie and go for simple 2'' squares, hand pieced.  I have managed to keep up daily - only takes a moment.  This photo is through January 9. 

You can see already how different the year is shaping up.  We had a high of 71 degrees on January 1!  I am thinking about recording the low temperatures with big stitch quilting when it is all assembled.

Comparing the two years is going to be fun.  For my 2018 quilt, I am going to bind it with the colors from my temperature scale and will use the hexies (shown in the photo below) as a label on the back.(Want to make your own temperature quilt?  See the tutorial!)

For reference, here is the scale I am using.  I am actually in the process of turning these hexies into the label for the back of the quilt.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Large Scale Paper Piecing

I love paper piecing and I had the chance recently to take a class from Nicole Neblett at Mama Love Quilts called Big & Bold Freezer Paper Piecing.  Nicole is a member of our guild and will also be teaching this very same class at QuiltCon.

How lucky for us to get a sneak preview!

My quilt is roughly 20'' square - pillow sized on purpose.   What looks like black in the photo is actually a deep navy color - the same color as the stripes.

I am thinking about whether I should bring a little blue up into that upper left corner - what do you think?

The technique itself was a lot of fun - like putting together a puzzle.

I brought along  Precision Quilting Tools Wool Ironing Mat (affiliate link)   and it worked really well for pressing the freezer paper to the fabric.

Nicole is on an episode of Fresh Quilting demonstrating this technique - check it out!

Have a wonderful day! Patty