Friday, April 29, 2016

My Favorite Things

My Snapshots quilt from Fat Quarter Shop's 2015 QAL is complete and already been put to good use in our family room.  For the binding, I choose the same blue fabric as the larger borders.  I like the way it blends right in!

Snapshots finish Fat Quarter Shop

I did organic wavy lines for the quilting and added some features for the some of the blocks like eyes for the dog.   Had so much fun with this one!

I'll be linking up with OMG here.  (Link to my goal post.)

OMG is a fun motivator each month with neat prizes.  Look what I won as part of the March linkup from Bagmaker Supply.!!!  Can't wait to make some fun bags with all this cool stuff!

And I'm in the planning stages for Bag It 2016 and thrilled to announce that Bagmaker Supply will be one of the sponsors!!  More on that soon!

Also linking up with Fort Worth StudioConfessions of a Fabric Addict, and Sew She CanBlossom Heart QuiltsFreemotion by the River.  QuiltfabricationQuilt Storyand Sew Fresh Quilts .

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update on Word's Are quilt

Remember this quilt?

For a few weeks, I've made very little progress on my daughter's quilt for her freshman dorm.   Once the words were assembled and rows created, I got stuck on how to finish off the quilt.

I laid it out of the floor and started auditioning fabric.  (Thanks to Mary Ann (see this post), I've no shortage of fabric from the Dear Stella line to play with!)

The fabric that surrounds each of the words brings big blocks of a single fabric so the goal was to continue that look (as opposed to smaller squares of the prints) but to do so in a way that adds interest.

I also wanted to use more of the awesome print used with the letters.

And maybe room for my favorite block - the flying geese!

This is what I've come up with!  I'm making variations on these geese units and they will frame the words.  The geese offer both interest and a neat transition to the edge of the quilt.

I've now a pile of fabric ready to be made into geese.  Can't wait to share the results!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, April 25, 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the Bargello giveaway!!

Bargello quilts
(top) Nancy, Quilty Loon, Carol  (middle) Carol, Patty (me), Alida, (bottom) Country Lady, Laraine, Francis

I absolutely had a blast with the Bargello QAL!  It was really fun to see bargellos pop up everywhere.  Many more people downloaded the cutting chart than entered the giveaway so I am hoping to see more bargello quilts in the future.  (For more photos, see the linky here.)

We had two awesome sponsors for this event. American Made Brand  solids supported the overall QAL and supplied two fat quarter bundles.  Fat Quarter Shop supported the QAL with a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake Small Gingham.

Thank you  American Made Brand and Fat Quarter Shop!!!

Drum roll please.................

All the entries were recorded on folded sheets of paper and my daughter did the honors to pull the names of the three lucky winners.

Congratulations to Karen F. and  Rita L. who each won a fat quarter bundle from American Made Brand solids.

Congratulations to Cathy B. who won the fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop!

Winners have all been contacted by email.

I'm busy working on my next QAL and can't wait to share!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Last call!! Time to enter your Bargello quilt tops

Don't forget to enter your Bargello quilt top in the linky party to be eligible for a prize from our great sponsors.

Bargello doesn't need to be quilted - just assembled!

You can find the linky party here!   You must enter before 11:59 pm est on Friday, April 22!

Good luck!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So many projects, so little time :-)

Hello.  My name is Patty and I may have too many projects in flight at the moment.


I am working on my Farmer's Wife blocks, making two of them each week.  (I blog about them here.)

I'm working on the Splendid Sampler as well using Christmas themed fabric.  (Blog about them here.)

I'm working on a new mini that I can't wait to share more about but here is a sneak peak

The project I really need to make time for is finishing my daughter's quilt for her freshman dorm.  There is more fabric sewn together since this photo was taken but essentially everything is still in rows.  I've got decisions to make about what to put in the blank spaces - just low volume fabric or throw a favorite block in there.  And if low volume, big pieces or little pieces?  

I think a part of me wants to slow time - high graduation is a month away and I feel I'll blink and she'll be off at school.

And then there is this beautiful stack of fabric calling my name waiting to be turned into a wedding quilt.

Finally, I'm working on binding and finishing my snapshots quilt.

Don't get me wrong - I really love having multiple projects underway at the same time.  As you can see, the fabrics in each of these are very very different so it is fun to bounce around between solids and low volume and then onto Christmas!

All I need is more time in the day!

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Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Update on Snapshots quilting

I've gotten all of the quilting done on my quilt from last year's Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots QAL.

Snapshots Quilt Fat Quarter Shop

I did organic wavy lines on my home machine.  It was quilt a big quilt to work on but I did the quilting over the course of several days.

I've machine attached the binding and will enjoy a bit of hand-stitching as I finish off the binding.

I've also been outlining with pearl cotton some of the blocks and adding features like the paws and face for this puppy.

Snapshots Quilt Fat Quarter Shop

I should have done this stitching before I quilted but I find I'm able to run the thread through the batting without coming through to the back of the quilt.

I had originally planned to add spokes to the bike - any suggestions on whether I should or not?

Snapshots Quilt Fat Quarter Shop

Rainy weather today made a picture of the whole quilt difficult but things will warm up as the rest of the week progresses (!!)

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Have a wonderful day! Patty

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bargello linky party is going strong!

Each time a new Bargello pops up in the linky or on the Elm Street Quilts QAL Facebook group I get all excited.

Each one is so different - fabric choices, color choices.

Look at this stunning FMQ bargello by Carol Kussart, sent via email to post in the linky for her.

Prizes will be randomly awarded to three participants who enter a bargello - quilted or not - into the linky party.  You can also send a photo to me via email.  All entries linked (or received via email) by 11:59pm on April 22 are eligible!   You get an entry for each of the bargellos you made during the QAL - made 2?  Two entries!  Seriously addicted and made a third?  3 entries for you!

If you don't have a blog or have trouble uploading a photo, just email it to me atelmstreetquilts at gmail dot com and I'll enter it for you!

Miss any of the QAL posts? Find the full list of blog posts here.

American Made Brand solids, one of my blog sponsors, has a collection of 75 beautiful colors of fabric completely manufactured in the United States - from the cotton to the finished fabric!  The fabric has deep rich color and I love the feel of the fabric (the hand.)  My large Bargello was made exclusively of American Made Brand solids from my stash.

 American Made Brand is providing two fat quarter bundles of these beautiful colors.

Fat Quarter Shopone of my blog sponsors, offers a tremendous selection of fabric and very beautiful (and tempting!) block of the month offerings.  Fat Quarter Shop offers fabric from many different manufacturers and you can find anything you are looking for there! 

Fat Quarter Shop is providing a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake Small Gingham.

Link up with a picture of your Bargello quilt - either flimsey or quilted!  You can add an entry for each bargello you make.

Share your progress on your blog, via Instagram - use #elmstreetquilts and #bargello as our social tags.

Join the new Elm Street Quilts QAL Facebook group and share your progress!  It has been so much fun to see the bargellos progressing!.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, April 11, 2016

Quilting with Solids - American Made Brand Solids

I started a new project this week.  Just a teaser of a photo to share so far but since I am having so much fun making the Words Are quilt for my daughter, I needed to start another smaller texty quilt - this time for me.

Here is what I have so far.  Can you guess where I'm headed?

I just love quilting with solids.  My favorite go to solid is American Made Brand.

American Brand Solids

 I've a little bit of almost all of their 75 yummy colors in my stash.  You can find them at many quilt stores including Fat Quarter Shop as well as my local quilt store, Cary Quilting.

 It was love at first sight when I had the chance to contribute a block in 2014 to represent North Carolina.  Look at this amazing quilt!  ( More information here.)  My block is the one with the five lighthouses - roughly halfway down the quilt.

American Made Brand License plate quilt
Photo from the Works blog

The richness of these colors and the feel of the fabric make them a pleasure to work with.   One of the best parts is that this fabric is completely made in the USA - from the cotton to finished product.

zip bags american made brand solids
Bags made during my Bag It series last fall

I was very excited when American Made Brand agreed to sponsor the Bargello QAL and provided a couple of fat quarter bundles to be awarded to participants.  (I just love the colors in these bundles - they really are favorites.)

As you can see, I used several of these in my Bargello quilt - a fun coincidence!

bargello quilt

Have you made a Bargello as part of the QAL?  Don't forget to enter the Linky party to have a chance to win!  (Information on the QAL is here.)

Thank you American Made Brand for sponsoring the Bargello QAL as well as being one of my blog sponsors.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My very first quilt

I am addicted to quilting.  (Probably no one reading this blog is surprised to hear that!)

Quilts of all shapes and sizes have taken up residence in my home.  Other quilts are living in the homes of family and friends.

A few weeks ago, I started to build an inventory of all the quilts I've ever made.  I'm recording any information I can remember.  Besides gathering up quilts in my home, part of the inventory has been searching through old photographs to find a reminder of a quilt.

I remembered the first quilt that I ever made was while I was a teenager.  I had no experience whatsoever in quilting and since I did make garments, I'd bet anything that those seams are 5/8''!

I found a photo of it, complete with my mom pretending to be asleep!

My First Quilt

First quilt circa the 1970's
Mom, pretending to be asleep under my very first quilt

Date: somewhere 1977-1979

Size: Couch size, intended to keep mom warm while she waited up for one of her teenage daughters to come home

Pattern: None.  Simply cut squares from fabric with scissors and sewed together in a grid.  Quilt wasn't bound - just sewed together envelope style

Quilting:  Likely stitch in the ditch around each square

Story:  As the mom of several teenage daughters, the oldest of which was yours truly.  She would never go to bed if one of us was out of the house.  I made her this quilt so she could at least rest on the couch while she was waiting up.  

At this point, I had only made garments so putting together a quilt this large was a big undertaking.  Especially trying to do so in order that the finished quilt would be a surprise.  I remember laying it out on the floor in the living room as part of the planning process while she was out for the evening herself.

I used a blanket - a new one, but a blanket nevertheless - in place of batting.  

I'll be posting more of my early quilts on the blog in the weeks to come.

What is the story behind your first quilt?

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Quilt Label - Giveaway

Anyone who has been following my blog for a white knows how much I love Sweetwater fabric.  I've a little bit (ok, more than a little bit!) stashed away from every one of their fabric line since Authentic.  Pure was an all time favorite.

Image from
Besides designing great fabric, did you know that Sweetwater also sells iron-on labels?

They have an amazing collection of iron on labels with so many different designs!  I've put labels on bags and on mini quilts  These snowman are a favorite of mine.  I got this label just to look at - so cute!  (I'm a collector of all things snowman!)

I had a collection of Sweetwater labels with my name on them that I use as a quilt label for smaller pieces.  My supply was running low so I went shopping recently and ordered some more.  There were multiple designs to choose from so I had some trouble deciding on a favorite.  I finally went with this simple, modern design.

I used the first one on my recently completed table runner.

Now for the exciting news!

Sweetwater Company is generously providing an order of labels to one of my blog readers

The contest is open to US residents only.  If you have any trouble with the Rafflecopter giveaway, just drop me an email.  I'd be happy to help!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, April 4, 2016

Snapshots finish

You've likely heard of Fat Quarter Shop as an online store which carries pretty much any kind of fabric you might be looking for.

You may also know Fat Quarter Shop for their generous support of the quilting community through supporting giveaways and QALs - including my very own Bargello QAL!

They also support a charity each year with a QAL. Last year, they published a series of patterns as part of their Snapshots quilt.   Patterns for each block were available for free and participants were encouraged to donate to St Judes.  (Fat Quarter Shop matched the donations as well as providing the pattern.

I finished my Snapshots quilt in December.  My favorite block may very well be the camera block which I moved from the back to the front.    (I left the wine glass off the picnic basket block, not because I don't like wine.  (ahem, I do!) But I just couldn't find the fabric mix I wanted.)

Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots quilt

Although I've taken most of my large quilts to my LAQ, I decided to do this one myself, doing organic wavy lines with my walking foot.

The quilt is basted and I've started to quilt it.

Basting a quilt

Finishing the quilt is my goal for April.  Besides quilting, I intend to add some extra embellishments. Maybe buttons for eyes and perhaps whiskers for the kitten.

This year Fat Quarter Shop has another QAL underway called Crossroads which benefits the March of Dimes.  These are my blocks so far for the Crossroads QAL.  Want to play along?  The pattern for all the blocks can be found here.  I blog about my progress on my A Stitch in Time blog.

I am very proud that Fat Quarter Shop is a sponsor of my blogs A Stitch in Time and Elm Street Quilts.

I'll be linking up with OMG here.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tutorial - Quilting Organic Wavy Lines

tutorial organic wavy lines

One of my favorite ways to quilt table runners and wall hangings is a technique called 'organic wavy lines'.

Tutorial Organic Wavy Lines

Organic means your quilting lines aren't marked ahead of time.

Wavy means not straight.

Lines means, clearly, lines!

My table runner is a two block runner which measures 12'' by 26''.   I basted this using straight pins and then added pinmoors to secure the pins.

Basted Table Runner Kate Spain

Use your walking foot on your sewing machine and set your stitch length to 3.

Walking Foot Janome

Stew a straight down the long edge of your piece to add stability and keep everything from shifting.  (Note, don't sew over pins!  I removed it before continuing.)

Tutorial Organic Wavy Lines Quilting

Starting in the middle of the quilt / table runner right at a seam in a block.  Secure your first (and last) stitch in each row with a quick backstitch.

Tutorial Quilting Organic Wavy Lines

Using the seam as a guide, sew your wavy line crossing back and forth across the seam.   You aren't going for a wiggly line so plan to cross the line about every 9 inches.

tutorial quilting organic wavy lines

For the next line, and the all the lines after than, follow the wavy line you established but vary the distance between your presser foot and the prior line.   In this first photo, I am sewing very close to the prior sewn line.

Tutorial Organic Wavy Lines

And then I increased the gap to create some interest.

Unlike FMQ when my hands are on the quilt to move it around, I like to hold the piece up and 'steer' it much of the time.

Continue making your wavy lines until you've quilted from the center to one edge and then go back and start from the middle and quilt the other half.

Tutorial Quilting Organic Wavy Lines

I hope you found this tutorial and quilting tip on quilting organic wavy lines helpful.   I'll be linking up here at Sew Simple Saturdays.  I love the idea of sharing quilting tips each month.  Here is a list of some of tips shared previously:

Also check out my other tutorials!

This block was Pat Sloan's Triangle Challenge #1.  I'll be linking up at her blog here and here.

First time visiting?  Checkout my Bargello QAL - great prizes from sponsors for participants.  I used a version of my organic wavy lines to quilt the bargellos, following along on the curve!

Bargello QAL

Linking up with Fort Worth Studio, Quilt Shop GalConfessions of a Fabric Addict, and Sew She Can.

Have a wonderful day! Patty