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I love to quilt and enjoy every step of the process.   I've been blogging for several years at A Stitch in Time where I record my weekly progress on my quilting journey.

Elm Street Quilts is all about sharing - tutorials and patterns - for my original work.   Glad you stopped by and hope you'll come back and visit!

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Mini Zip Bag Tutorial

Mini Zip Bag Tutorial

This bag finishes at 6 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall.  (Fabric used in this photo is a print from Sweetwater's Hometown line.)

You'll need:

  • Fabric for the outside of bag, inside of bag and batting - each roughly 8 1/2 inchs square
  • A strip of outside bag fabric (or coordinating or contrast fabric) 1 1/2 inches wide which you will cut into two 7 inch strips for the casing and two 2 inch strips for the tabs.
  • A 5 inch zipper  (see link at bottom of post for a giveaway)
  • A swivel clip (see link at bottom of post for a giveaway)
Ready the zipper:

1. Fold your two 7 inch strips in half and press.  Fold your two 2 inch strips in half and press.  Then open this up and fold the rough edge to the fold line and press again.  You now have two tabs for the ends of the zipper that are 1 1/2 inches wide (zipper width) and  1/2 inch long that will cover top and bottom of zipper to give your bag a finished look.
2. Trim zipper tape so the tab fits over the zipper end.  Attach the tab to each end, carefully sewing across the zipper.  (Note, you can cut zippers to size and this tab keeps things from coming undone!)   Use zipper foot to attach casing to each side.
3. Sides attached - time to neaten up and trim any loose threads.   Trim casing so they are roughly 1/4 longer than tab. (see below).

Congratulations!  You've just put your zipper in a casing.  There are many way to attach a zipper to a bag.  I use this method because I like the finished look it brings to the bag and, frankly, makes attaching quilted fabric to a zipper so easy!   Casing can be made in the same fabric as the bag or a coordinating or contrast fabric.

Quilt Bag:

4. Assemble your quilt sandwich and quilt as desired.  For this bag, I used my walking foot and did some fun straight line quilting.
5.  Trim your quilted square to two pieces - each 3 1/2 by 6 1/2.
6. Attach zipper to each side with straight stitch and then go back over and zigzag seam for a finished edge.

7.  Trim as needed.

Attach Swivel Clip:

8. Take a small piece of ribbon or twill tape etc and attach the clip to the top edge of the fabric.  (Fabric in photo new here - this print from Moda Circa 1934.  If you look carefully, you can see I used black fabric for the zipper casing).

Finish Bag:

9. Open zipper.  (Don't forget this step!)
10. Right sides together, seam bag and then zigzag the edge of bag.  Be careful not to catch edge of zipper tab in the seam.  Turn inside out and gift to a friend or to yourself!!

My tutorial was originally published here at Sew We Quilt.