Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Beach Quilting

Last week we spent a week at a NC beach. The weather was beautiful although stupid Covid caused us to miss a few actual sitting on the beach days. (Everyone recovered fine.)

I always like to bring my travel machine for sewing in the afternoon when the sun is too hot to be outside. This year I worked on the Brushstrokes pattern by Shiners View. The pattern was a perfect travel project. Basically each block consisted of the background fabric and one of four fabrics. Blocks were made oversized and pieces were cut wonky to add a look of improv.

Once I returned home, everything was pressed and trimmed and assembled into rows. Often when dealing with a large quilt, I will assemble in quadrants. For this one, I went with rows to make sure no blocks were flipped in the process. Fabrics used are all Paintbrush studio solids - pale aqua, marine and gulf stream.

The quilt top will be 56" x 63" when done. I am thinking about making it slightly larger and considered just add a border all the way around. If I went with 7" (the finished block size), the quilt would be 70" x 77". I could also just make some more blocks and add another column so that it is 63" square. 


This was our family's first experience with Covid. One family member tested positive before we left but was feeling fine so we decided to mask up and open all the windows. While having half your vacation impacted by Covid is not what I would have hoped for, being able to sit on the back deck and enjoy the fresh air and ocean views was a pleasant way to recover.

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  1. Unless I was able to find a *perfect* print for a border (using all the colors, with probably wonky stripes), I think I would be the most happy with more blocks instead of a border - but that's just me! You might find a great frame that sets it all of perfectly. :)

    Sorry to hear that your family went through COVID, but I'm glad it seems to have been quick and mild.


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