Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Beginning of a Bag

In my last guild meeting, a friend showed off this beautiful bag made of cork. I only saw it from a distance but that was enough for me to decide that I. MUST. MAKE. THAT. BAG.

I've made lots of bags but never a true purse. My friend, on the other hand, makes and sells bags plus teaches courses in making them. But with confidence in my own skills, I ordered the pattern - Hiraeth bag. The pattern is well written and has video content for every step. My confidence level grows even more so I order the bag hardware.

The bag has rivets! I've never done rivets but they certainly make a bag look more professional so I am game. But I need a rivet installation tool so I buy a basic one.

The bag uses some new to me interfacing which I scour the internet for and then order from an Etsy shop. And then I decide I want to add purse feet so I order those. 

With all the bag hardware and interfacing secured, I decide on this beautiful ocean blue cork only then realizing how expensive the bag will cost if I buy the 36" x 54" required for a bag made entirely from cork on top of all the other supplies already acquired. 

So I purchase a 18" x 54" wide piece of cork with the intent of making the bag with a mix of cork and fabric (there are real pretty examples out there) OR to move to plan B.

Welcome to plan B. I am making a modified version of the Firefly Bag. (See my prior bags in project size and tote size.)

Here is how the Firefly pattern was / will be modified:
  • the height of the bag was shortened by 1.5" which meant all the pieces, including the pockets, were cut shorter. The width matches the pattern
  • the accent pocket (the bit that shows above the zipper) has cork on the outside and fabric on the inside
  • the handles were cut at 2.25" x 18" with a 5/8" wide strip of interfacing down the middle
  • shoulder strap was cut at 4" x 50" with no interfacing
  • the tabs to hold the optional shoulder strap were cut at 2.25" x 3.5" with a scant 1" strip of interfacing
  • bag will have a zipper closure in the same fashion as my other two
  • all cork pieces were interfaced with Pellon 525 Decovil Light

I am taking this bag in stages to give me time to think about modifications and then think some more before taking a step. My last sewing session ended with the decision of whether to add bag feet and where to place them. The lining is all pieced and ready to go.

My goal is to finish the bag in the next few days. The opportunity to add rivets still exists. Will I or won't I? I will leave with that cliffhanger!

P.S. I am committed to making Hiraeth bag in the future but out of fabric with perhaps cork accents. My cork was sourced from Sew Sweetness (turns our they carry the interfacing too.) Most of bag hardware from Sally Tomato and zippers from ZipIt on Etsy. All three are are great shops that I've purchased from before. 

P.S.S. There was more drama involved in acquiring a zipper which I didn't like once it arrived so I ordered more from a different store.

P.S.S.S. Drama aside, I am having fun and am confident that any supplies left over will be used in the future.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. Great colors, Patty! It sounds like you are taking your time and carefully considering your steps, so I have confidence that it is going to turn out really well for all the care and thought you are putting into it.


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