Monday, September 13, 2021

Firefly Tote - Project Sized

When images of the Firefly Tote by Noodlehead (i.e. Anna Graham) started showing up in my IG feed, I knew I wanted to make one - or two! - for myself.  I really liked the front pocket design and the size seemed perfect.   The only thing I wasn't fond of - for my use - was the drawstring closure.

So I did a recessed zipper instead!!

All the fabrics use were from my stash where they had been living for over six years.  They are Moda Sweetwater prints.

Right now, the extra zipper bit is pushed down inside the bag.  I am going to put the bag to use for awhile and then decide how to handle it.

This was my practice tote which is now perfect for picnics and trips to the pool.  I couldn't visualize how to do the zipper until I had a bag in front of me.  The pattern is easy to follow and there are great supporting videos.

For my next one, I will make the larger one using a gray canvas.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I’ve never put a recessed zipper in a tote, but like the idea! I’ve seen a couple of videos or tutorials on the net, I think! I’ll have to research! Your fabrics are awesome! Yea for a great stash!

  2. How clever you are! I wouldn't have cared for a drawstring closure either, so I'm impressed that you figured out how to install a zipper, especially to make it recessed so prettily! Ah Sweetwater fabric... I remember it well. All mine is long gone from my stash. In fact, my stash is discernibly becoming smaller - a good thing, I think! Such a great idea to make a larger-sized tote in canvas. I'll look forward to seeing how that goes for you.


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