Thursday, October 14, 2021

Firefly Tote #2

This is my second Firefly Tote by Noodlehead (i.e. Anna Graham) and I love it.  It could be may all-time favorite made-by-me bag.

When this bag first started showing up in my IG feed, I knew I wanted to make one for myself.  I really liked the front pocket design and the size seemed perfect but I wasn't fond of - for my use - the drawstring closure.

I wanted a recessed zipper so 'practiced' on the project size version using canvas I've had in my stash forever.  I loved my bag - perfect for picnics - and couldn't wait to start on the tote size.  The pattern was incredibly easy to modify - just sewed the zipper at the step in the assembly process where you add the drawstring bag - it was that easy!

I took this bag on a road trip during a recent family vacation.  The outside pockets worked perfect as did having the ability to zip close the whole bag.

Anna's bags are really fun to make.  The instructions are clear and some bags even have video tutorials for the assembly process.  I also enjoy that they don't require some expensive stabilizers like other bags I've made.

Outside fabric is Robert Kaufman Big Sur Canvas - Dark Grey.  Lining and pocket fabric is from the Quantum line by Giucy Giuce .  Metal tag on the zipper flap was purchased at QuiltCon.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. The problem with reading your blog, Patty, is that I add one more pattern I need to make to my long list of projects! This one is no exception--really, really nice! Glad you said the zipper substitution is easy, because I'd also want a zipper.

  2. Looks great and I love that you were able to modify to get the zipper closure at the top. Very nice!

  3. Hi Patty, your tots is absolutely awesome! Congratulations on a beautiful finish.
    I too love Anna’s patterns. She’s the one whom introduced me to SF101 interfacing. Haven’t stopped using it since.

  4. Very nice looking tote. You did an awesome job, as it looks like a professional could not have done a better job. I love it.

  5. Love this version and the zipper. You did a fabulous job and your fabric choices are so perfect.

  6. Love your bag, and indeed with the zipper so much better. A must try for a next OMG challenge. I have never tried Anna's pattern so this would be a good Christmas present for myself.


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