Monday, November 8, 2021


Tangram is a puzzle using seven polygons - two large triangles, three smaller triangles, a parallelogram and a square.  These polygons can be put together to form all kinds of shapes - the square being the most basic.  When cleaning out a closet of games and toys my now adult children have long outgrown, I pulled the Tangram puzzle out of the thrift store donation block thinking that it could serve as inspiration for a quilt block.

In my quilt - also called Tangram - I made each of the blocks using a different combination of polygons similar to what I did in my two polygon mini quilts.  For this quilt, I enjoyed playing with the layout to create some interesting shapes in the negative space.

The quilting inside the blocks was done in coordinating thread and echoed the block shape with some changes for interest.  I used a FMQ ruler foot for the first time to quilt inside the blocks and the walking foot to quilt the background.  

Tangram was created for the Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge For QuiltCon.  My goal was to use the F8th bundle of fabric sent for the challenge and one yard of background fabric.  My quilt finishes at 32" x 32".

True confession - I put the hanging sleeve on the wrong way and the quilt is actually hanging upside down from how I had intended.  At first I was annoyed at myself and then I decided to just go with the flow!

I've submitted this quilt to QuiltCon.  Yvonne from QuiltJetGirl has started an initiative to #CelebrateMyQuiltSubmission.  I love this idea because it recognizes that it takes a bit of courage to actually submit a quilt to a show.  

Tangram is one of 5 quilts I've submitted.  You can see the 3 of the 5 in this post.  I still need to blog about the fifth one.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I really enjoyed Tangram puzzles and recognized the shapes in your quilt immediately. Good luck with your submission!

  2. I love Tangram puzzles and did a whole bunch of animals for a quilt someday. Good luck with your QC entry!

  3. I have never heard of Tangram puzzles. What an awesome idea and quilt. Well done!

  4. Your Tangram quilt looks great!! Good luck!

  5. What a lovely little quilt! I had a tangram puzzle when I was very young and had forgotten it completely. I must look the puzzle components up on Internet as I really liked making pictures with my little box of wooden pieces and would like to rearrange them again, but in fabric. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. Your entry is beautiful, Patty! Love knowing your inspiration - I've never heard of Tangram. The shapes are so interesting. Wishing you all the best, that your quilt is accepted. How could it not be?


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