Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Assembling Line Sewing - Bag It Link-up

I'm making a bunch of zipped bags for friends and family this year as a small holiday gift.  When I'm making in volume (about 20), I work assembly line fashion. (See the finished bag.)

First step is some light quilting on the outside of each bag.  I'm using 2 layers of fusible fleece and quilting straight lines 1'' apart.  On one side, I do some extra lines on what will become the bottom of the bag.  I've ordered a bunch of colorful zippers from Zipit and it will be fun to match them up to the fabric. (Don't forget, Zipit has offered a coupon code for everyone participating in the Bag It event - just use BAGIT2017 on your next order now through December 15, 2017. )

Have you been making bags?  Well over 200 bags  have been shared so far in the link-up (below) or on the Elm Street Quilts Group Facebook page.

Next new Bag It post will feature the beautiful travel bag designed byAnnie.  I made this in time for our family vacation this summer and really enjoyed the opportunity to use it.

When you are ready to share on Instagram or from your blog, link-up a photo to claim your Bag It Entry
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Want to share and enter from Facebook?  Join the Elm Street Quilts Facebook QAL group and then record your entry via the Bag It Facebook Entry Form  
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You can share the photo of your bag multiple times but ONLY enter it once either in the link-up OR in the Bag It Facebook Entry Form.   

You will know when your entry is 'official' because I will come visit and leave a comment thanking you for entering.  (I batch up my bag visits so it may be several days until I stop by!)

New to the event and want to join?  Read more here and check out the participant guidelines for everything you need to know!
(If you don't have blog, IG or Facebook, drop me an email with photos and I'll get your bag entered!)

Ready to link-up?  And not to worry, the event runs through December 15 so there is plenty of time to make bags!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bag It - Basic Zip Bag Variations

When I want to make a small gift for a friend, my go-to is a zipped bag.  These bags are fun to make and give you the opportunity to use some pretty fabric.  You can make them in all different sizes - with or without boxed corners.

My basic tutorial for making a zip bag can be found here .   For the bags shared in today's post, I just changed the dimensions and started with fabric cut 9 x 7''.  Corners were boxed at 1 ½ '' using this tutorial.

For my second bag, I wanted it to be extra special and useful so I added a pocket made from mesh for inside the bag.

I cut the mesh slightly bigger than I wanted the pocket to be and then trimmed it down later.  Here is how I added the inside pocket.

  1. To top edge of mesh, sew a 1 ½  '' strip of fabric, folded in half, WST.
  2. Fold strip back over the top of the mesh - as you would a binding - and stitch
  3. Positioned the pocket 1 ½ '' from the top of the lining and pin.  To finish off the bottom of the pocket, place a strip of lining fabric (2'' by width of the pocket) right side down aligning with the bottom of the pocket.  Sew.
  4. Flip the strip of lining fabric down and then stitch the side seams 1/8'' from edge.

I wanted my bag to open as wide as possible so I followed Noddlehead's tutorial for zipper installation part for the Open Wide Zipper Pouch and used a 14'' zipper.

Both of these bags were made exactly the same way except for the zipper installation.  The benefits to the zipper hanging outside the bag?  The bag really opens wide.

See the difference?  Remember these start from the same 9 x 7 panels and are both boxed the same.  The dark blue even fits inside the light blue!

I won't scare you with the count down for the holidays but it is coming fast.  Perhaps some zipped bags are in your future too?  Fill them with gift cards, candy or maybe some sewing supplies!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, November 17, 2017

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol 16 + Giveaway - Scattered Triangles

Welcome to Elm Street Quilts and my stop on the blog tour sponsored by Quiltmaker magazine!

I live in beautiful central North Carolina and love the great weather and friendly people.

I don't actually live on Elm Street though.  My grandma did.  My grandma was a knitter and taught me to knit and I credit her for my eventually becoming a maker.  (I still remember that first scarf - it was white and filled with dropped stitches.)   I have such wonderful memories of my visits that I named my blog and my pattern company Elm Street in honor of my grandmother.

I've been quilting for 15+ years and blogging for the last 7.
First time visitor?  Make sure you check out the monthly link-up called One Monthly Goal with great prizes from awesome sponsors.  Link-up your goal - a quilt finish, make 3 blocks etc - at the start of a month and return at the end of the month to link-up your finish. 
Running now through mid-December is the annual Bag It event - make and share bags, earn chances to win great prizes.  See more information here.

I am thrilled to be part of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 16.  This is my very first quilting publish of any sorts and I'm quite excited.

Quiltmaker assigns each 12'' block to one of four categories - Pieced, Applique, Foundation-Pieced and Mixed Technique.  I'm very excited that Scattered Triangles is block #1563 and can be found on page 40 in the Pieced section.   (When you get the magazine, you'll also notice that my block is - ahem - in the centerfold.  Not sure I'm telling mom that!)  

I've made the block in two colorways so far and love this mini.

I faced the mini-quilt instead of binding and really enjoyed the using both gray and yellow-ish thread to bring the colors to both sides.

It is fun to play with quilt designs based on the block in EQ7.    With my basic block in the magazine colorway - 

- I first set the block in a traditional grid.

Flipping the block around gives you fun diagonal strips.

This 3rd one is my favorite - I love how the triangles are swimming in the white area.

Ready for the giveaway?

Prize 1:  Quiltmaker is sponsoring the giveaway of a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 16 to one lucky person.  International entries are welcome.  Quiltmaker will ship directly to the winner.  

Prize 2:  I will mail a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 16 to one lucky person.  International entries are welcome! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Make sure you visit The Quilting Company (Quiltmaker) for additional chances to win a copy of the magazine plus other great prizes.  You will also find links to other blogs participating in the hop and a chance to win additional prizes.  To see all the 100 wonderful blocks in this issue, check out your local newsstand or visit Quiltmaker's on-line shop. 

The giveaway will run through Wednesday, November 22, 2017.  While I normally respond to every comment, I may not be able to respond to giveaway comments.  Winner will be notified by email.

Have a wonderful day! Patty