Tuesday, February 20, 2024

My QuiltCon Coat - Part 1

Binding, binding, binding.....

As one does (ahem!), I decided somewhat last minute to make some quilted attire for QuiltCon. My goal was to make something to wear more like a cardigan with big pockets to hold my phone and stuff while I enjoy the show.

I chose the Hovea pattern by Megan Nielsen. (I want to make a non-quilted garment this year too and Megan has some nice patterns to choose from.) Purchased as a PDF download, you need to tape sheets of paper together, which isn't hard just tedious. This pdf was layered which so you selected which size(s) to print and only those lines are visible.  

Given I had so little time to both piece a quilt and make a coat, the idea to improv the quilt part of the design was abandoned (this idea will return!) so I used my modern pickle block from my Pickle Bird quilt. (Pickle Bird was not accepted into QuiltCon sadly.)

The sleeves and coat front were solid - this yummy Painters Palette Solids color marine. The back (above) and the pockets have the Pickle Bird block on them.

There were a few bumps along the way. The fabric took forever to arrive. I had a bit of the fabric in my stash so I pieced the blocks and then used the new fabric to build out the back. However, the shades of blue are different - not sure if I ordered the wrong color, they shipped the wrong color of the dye lot is very different but it meant I needed to remake those blocks. 

The coat is all assembled and my goal today is to get the visible binding sewn down. The interior binding on side and shoulder seams are done but the sleeve seams are looking a bit messy. The coat pieces were quilted with a 3" grid and my goal is to add hand quilting accents. I suspect the quilting on the coat will continue each evening during QuiltCon!

P.S. This is my Patchwork Chore Coat #1 and Coat #2.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It is surprising how much dye lot variation occurs. I look forward to seeing you and your coat soon!

  2. Oh gosh. It's typical, isn't it, for a quiltmaker to take on a last-minute project/challenge. Sounds like something I'd do. I know what you mean about the tedious part of putting together/taping a downloaded PDF pattern... and then, how do you store those? I'm sure sorry about the Patriot blue not matching another piece. That happened to me once too, with the color Sachet. It's disappointing, and it's too bad it took so long to arrive. You'll have to let me know which business that is. I think it's delightful that you will continue to stitch on it while at QuiltCon. If you need assistance, just ask! :-)


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