Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Spring Quilt Coat is Finished

I love my new Spring  Quilt Coat - my second quilt coat.  I finished the coat on March 19 and was able to wear it on my morning walk on the first day of Spring!!!

I used the same pattern for each of my coats - the first was made in a size large to accommodate layering .  I wore this first coat every day this winter and got many compliments.  You can read all about it here 

For my new coat, I went with a size small - this made me a bit nervous during construction but it all worked out at the end.   Besides adding binding, a zipper, and lots of hand sewing, I made a big change since sharing my initial progress in this first post.  Initially, I was going with inset pockets.  Initial construction steps went well but cleaning up the seams inside to get a nice finish turned into a hack job and I just wasn't happy.  So I ripped out hours of work and improvised a new pocket.  This allowed me to bring a bit of color onto the front of the coat.  The construction was very straightforward. 

I love my new pockets - they are just perfect to tuck my hands into.  Plus the color on the pockets and the pieced binding brings a bit of color to the front as well.

Critical to installation of the zipper was using Wonder double sided tape.  It held the zipper securely and didn't gum up the needle of my machine.  I stitched the zipper using my walking foot in the valley next to the binding.

I really love the primary color of the coat - this beautiful blue gray fabric and a sparkly Ruby Star Society fabric for the lining.  I made panels for each of the sections  - you can read more about my process on my first post.

I truly enjoyed the entire process of  making this coat except for the bit about removing my first attempt at the pockets.  I highly recommend the Patchwork Chore Quilt Coat pattern. 

Besides the pattern, there are a couple of supplies I'd recommend (affiliate links):
Will I make another one?  I just might but if I do, I will skip binding the seams and try zig zagging them.

Happy Spring!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great looking! I am glad your size adventure worked out. And as much as I can feel with ripping the pockets out. I love your new ones ;) Enjoy your new coat! I hope you get to wear it often. xo

  2. Seems the perfect weight for spring/fall. Wish I had the gumption to try making one myself. You're a champ!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Patty. You did an awesome job. I love your colors and fabrics. Perfect jacket for Spring. Now I want to make one like "both" of your quilted jackets. Thanks for reminding me about the links to this pattern. I definitely want to make it.

  4. What a lovely jacket! It's impressive how you were able to be deliberate about the sizing, to make it suit the weather you intended it for. Those flying geese are charming, especially the ones on the pockets, and your color combo is fresh, but not overly in-your-face. The tip about using the tape to install the zipper is great. Thanks for that! You did such a nice job. You almost, but not quite, make me wish I lived in a colder climate! But I'll take Florida, thank you! :-)

  5. The added pop of color on the pockets on the front of the quilt coat is lovely. I'm sorry you had to go down one road and rip out hours of work, but it seems like this turned out for the best. I bet you'll get a lot of compliments on this one as well!

  6. Congratulations! I love what you did with the pops of colour on either side of the zipper!

  7. I enjoyed reading about and seeing you in the first coat. The second is equally beautiful. You look awesome in both! Seeing them made me wish I could sew garments. Enjoy your new coats.

  8. What a fun version 2! I like the changes you made and how you made it work for you. The pops of color in the front are just perfect. I find sizing things always a bit hard, but it seemed to work out perfectly for you in both versions!

  9. Fun! Love the colors and designs! Tip: I find an old sheet or awful fabric and make a mock up - learned the hard way before I spend time, money and love, to make a sample size even if I don't finish it (or use it for interfacing) and add more pockets inside. Wonder Tape is fabulous! Thanks


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