Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Summer of Joy Kick-off

June 1 (tomorrow) marks the beginning of the Summer Lovin Seaglass SAL hosted by Kitty @nightquilter and Allie @exhaustedoctupus. I'm excited to be playing along and have prepped some pieces so far. (I'd really love some more variety in my seaglass pieces so if anyone has any Alison Glass small scraps they are willing to pass on, please let me know!)

Here is my plan for a summer of joy:

  • Red/orange - Small project creativity. I make time everyday for some kind of creative activity involving fabric and thread, even just for a few minutes. For my red/orange seaglass piece, I want to focus spending time on creating smaller pieces that are about exploring new ideas. Any day that includes this activity earns a piece of seaglass
  • Yellow - Date night! Seaglass pieces here are earned anytime my husband and I go off and do something together. This could be dinner or a movie but it can also be stargazing or biking.
  • Mustard yellow- Pickleball and biking! My summer exercise revolves around swimming but I want to also make time for pickleball games with my friends and biking.
  • Green - Handwork, preferably on the back porch on a summer afternoon. This activity always brings me peace. A seaglass earned for each day I just sit and stitch outdoors.
  • Aqua - Swimming! I swim a mile each day during the summer although it can take me several days worth of swims of increasing my distance to achieve that mile. The very first day I swim a mile earns a celebratory piece of seaglass and then pieces are earned every three miles. Returning to the pool a second time in a day just to relax would earn a bonus piece. (This is something I say I will do every summer yet never have.)
  • Blue - Reading! I love to read and will do so everyday. Seaglass pieces will be earned when a book is finished.
  • Navy - Adventure! I'd like to fill summer with unique experiences, something that makes the day extra special. This could be as simple as going out for ice cream and more complicated like planning a small trip. Seaglass pieces are earned each time we do something that is not routine. To incent myself, I can also earn seaglass for planning a trip away.
  • Purple - Friends and Family! Any day spent with friends counts here as well as visits to or with family from out of town. We've got a family visit trip planned for early June so I'll earn some seaglass soon!
The same activity could earn multiple pieces of seaglass - Pickleball with friends for example would earn a mustard yellow and a purple.

I am planning a second joy quilt focused on creativity. more on that next week.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I need to pay attention to this today. Love your plan! I think I will get fabric pulled and prep some as I start earning them. I'm finishing 3 other QALs but I loved the focus on this one so had to jump in!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful grouping of activities to commemorate and enjoy. :)

  3. Sounds fabulous & a great way to start some summer fun both enjoying life & creativity. Take care & hugs from a windy/wet down under.

  4. An interesting way to change things. Enjoy all those activities, and sharing them with loved ones.

  5. Ooo. I love this! You've given very thoughtful consideration to what you're doing this summer. Most of us just go about our activities without thinking much about them. I think your color choices are great! Wish I could help with the Alison Glass fabrics, but alas... Enjoy your project! I'm going to enjoy watching you. Have a fun time!


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