Thursday, April 27, 2023

Orange Peel Handwork Project

Back in November, I sewed up a bunch of orange peel blocks (see that post) using curve templates from Jen @bettycrockerass. I assembled the quilt top and then put it aside to work on other projects and also because I was debating whether I wanted to make it larger or not.

Debate over, it will stay wall hanging size (42" x 42") so that I can do some hand quilting! We've got a beach trip coming up and I am excited to have a project where I can sit on the deck with a glass of wine or a cup of tea (depending on the time of day!) and stitch.

The color palette is new to me. Last year, I challenged myself to play with new to me colors and purchased a FQ bundled curated by @stringandstory. These are all Painter's Palette solids in the colors Amber, Bisque, Colonial Blue, Daydream, Gold, Golden Brown, Goldenrod, Haze, Jack O'Lantern, Paprika, Portabella, and Redwood.  

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Absolutely love this! Palette is wonderful and you've done such a beautiful job of blending the colors. Your hand stitching is going to elevate it even more!

  2. It sounds like you have a perfect plan for relaxing and enjoying your time on vacation. Have fun and enjoy!

  3. Looks lovely & great to have handstitching to take on holiday. Enjoy your time away, take care & hugs.

  4. What fun you have ahead, beaches/decks and hand quilting just go together.

  5. What an interesting color palette, with a few PP colors I've never used... or owned. But they look good together! I admire you for making an Orange Peel block quilt. I tried to make one, back in 2003 or so, as a QAL with Kellie Wulfsohn of Australia. Though I hand-appliqued all the peels, I was never pleased with how the points met - or didn't meet. So I gave up on it and gave my dozen or so finished blocks to a friend. Not sure if she ever turned it into anything either. Yours turned out very well! I love that you'll be hand quilting it. And did you know... when you're away - on vacation - you can drink wine or tea whatever time of day it is?

  6. That orange peel project will be perfect for sewing at the beach! Enjoy your vacation!


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