Monday, August 23, 2021

Summer Slow Stitch August update

My goal for the last month was to add some hand quilted circles insides the squares of my Summer Slow Stitch project.  As you may remember, the quilt top was all hand pieced.  My first step in quilting was some walking foot quilting in the background.   This is where the quilt stood on my blog update mid-July.   (See previous posts here,  here here and here for more information.)

 The quilt measures roughly 55" x 55".   There are 145 squares that need some hand quilting in them.  68 of them are done - at most I've been doing 3 a day - which means 77 to go.

There is no rush to finish this project - which is why I call it my slow stitch project!

I'm using Sulky thread and thread gloss from Sew Fine.   I mark the circle by tracing a thread spool and using a Sewline marking pencil.  

I really enjoyed the challenge of hand piecing this quilt and the now hand quilting the circles.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Sounds and looks like wonderful progress to me!

  2. That is very nice. It has a special warmth to it.

  3. I am humbled with your perseverance. The big stitches are beautiful!

  4. This project looks great, Patty, and that Sew Fine Thread Gloss is totally new to me. Is it a good alternative for the Thread Heaven conditioner that I can't find anymore?


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