Friday, June 25, 2021

Summer Slow Stitch - Adding the Edges!

Back in April, I dug out my hand piecing project from a pile of WIPs and decided to finish the top this summer.  (Remember, this was last year's hand piecing project!)

After about 3 weeks of sewing just a little bit each day (plus one marathon session), I've now got a quilt top roughly 45'' x 45''.

The process of both making the blocks and assembling them together involves lots of partial seams so it keeps my interest as I sew.  I am trying to decide how big to make the actual quilt top - I've got a few spare blocks already made so can add a row or two to make it slightly bigger.

While I am thinking about that, I'm adding in that squares (to be cut down to triangles) of color along the quilt edges.  If I connect more blocks, the connecting square will be in place.  If I decide  the quilt top is big enough, I will trim the edges - carefully!  All those edges are along the bias so I would need to proceed with caution!

My goal is to get the quilt top completed in July and hopefully get started on the quilting.

Read previous updates about the project here and here.

I have joined the 100 Day Summer Sew-Along which is all about hand sewing to give me some extra encouragement.  The sew along is hosted by Jenn from Sew Fine thread gloss and began on June 1.  Kristin and I are sponsoring the event and will be offering our hand piecing patterns as one of the prizes.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I definitely remember these blocks from last year. It looks great now that it is assembled and I'm curious how much you decide to add on to it.

  2. That's so pretty, Patty! I love the color and shape of those blocks. Each year, after we've finished the Hand-pieced QAL project, I've had hand-piecing withdrawal, and my go-to strategy for dealing with that is to piece 4 patches. But your blocks are much more fun and interesting than 4 patches!


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