Monday, September 11, 2023

Scraps and HRTs - an update

Remember when I started playing with HRTs and scraps a few weeks ago? (see that post) Everything is all sewn together, twisted around and now is a new quilt top that I've tentatively named "The Twist"!

I am so very excited about how well this entire quilt top came together - exactly as I had planned and hoped! I started with two semi-identical pieces. The one of the left used some scrap leftover fabric since it was never going to show. From the piece in the middle, I cut out a circle.

Then with the use of many many pins, I appliqued down my circle. (I'd briefly thought about machine piecing but went the applique route for more control and, hopefully, accuracy.)

Once it was appliqued down, I cut away the bottom bit and pressed those seams open and flat.

Much to my delight, the whole quilt top lays flat! Before pressing the seams open, the circle was raised and I was trying to decide if I would embrace this with a bit of trapunto or not.

Now the quilt is pinned very densely and the quilting can begin!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


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