Tuesday, November 22, 2022

My Next Knitting Project

I so very much enjoyed knitting my Fibonacci blanket that I was ready to cast on another project.

I'm following a Purl Soho pattern for a small blanket and am using two strands of yarn on a size 13 needle so that it is extra warm and soft.

The blanket currently measures about 16" from cast-on corner.  It will be a gift for someone who uses a wheelchair so I'm aiming for roughly 38" x 40".

The yarn chosen is Plymouth Encore - a blend of acrylic and wool.  I choose this primarily because the end result will be washable.  I purchased 2 balls of Light Gray Heather (color 6007) and 6 balls of Dark Wedgewood (color 598).  (affiliate links)    I enjoy using these needles from Clover - bamboo tips feel nice to hold in your hands.

For my next knitting project - and I'm certain there will be a next one! - I will go back to natural fibers because they are so much nicer to touch and knit with.  That said, the texture on this one is really yummy and soft given the double strands of yarn!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. The blanket looks very soft, warm and comfy. It's so nice to have other projects besides quilting to fall back to. I, too, like to take breaks from quilting sometimes. Happy holidays!

  2. Hi Patty, that looks so comfy - good luck on your December OMG!


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