Friday, September 16, 2022

The Gateway

An upcoming issue of Curated Quilts has an opportunity to make a challenge mini quilt with the prompt of symmetry and paper piecing and requires using a color palette that includes the Prussian blue fabric I chose as my background color.  (Read more about the challenge.) 

I've been playing with a similar design of nested diamonds on a larger scale so it was fun to go small with this piece.  My initial goal was for the quilting to blend into the background but when the closest color thread match turned out to be a Sulky 12 weight, I decided to give it a try.

(Note, I always have trouble capturing the right color of a fabric with my phone - the photo above was edited to get it closer to the right shade.  The photo below was not edited.)

I am very pleased with the end result and am now looking for an opportunity to use 12 weight thread in my machine again in the future!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great name for the mini quilt and the 12wt quilting looks fantastic. What did you choose to pair with the 12wt in the bobbin?

  2. This one is so good, Patty! I hope it's chosen for publication. Your quilting is beautiful, and I think it's great that you tried using thicker thread. I haven't been doing that because it's tough to commit to quilting a large quilt with heavy thread. As you know, I seldom make small quilts by machine. Anyway, I'm wishing you the best with this one. And I know what you mean about picture-taking and color. It's not easy to get it right! I exclusively use a Canon point-and-shoot camera for taking ALL my pictures because I've never liked the way my Iphone changes colors of fabrics.


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