Friday, October 18, 2019

Mini Quilt Show

In my local MQG chapter, we've spent several meetings this year talking to members on the elements of modern quilting.  In June, we issued a challenge to make (or finish) a small quilt that uses an element of modern quilting and bring them to our October meeting.

The result?  Our own mini quilt show!

To display the quilts, we used this quilt stand (affiliate link) and clipped a large bed sheet to the top.  The quilts were then pinned to the bed sheet.  One quilt was also clipped to the back of a chair when our display stand was full.

It was great fun to stand and look at the quilts and admire all the great work.

Members were then given the opportunity to make the tough selection for our Viewer's Choice award.  (Since I was counting the votes, I choose not to vote myself.  I was happy when my quilt got some votes!)

I used this great tutorial for our award ribbon.

Image credit: Triangle MQG.   Maker's are identified in this Instagram photo
That's me and my quilt in the front row, second from the left.  As it turns out, my sweater matched my quilt perfectly!

The challenge and our mini quilt show made for a fun meeting!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I just love your group's modern minis--beautiful work--thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  2. Just tried the link for the quilt Ribbon and it didn't work for me love the post and the quilts and the ribbon.

    1. Opps. Thanks for letting me know - I fixed the link to the ribbon tutorial.

  3. What a fun project. Thanks for sharing. Best part is the smiles of the happy group.

  4. What a great idea! And so lovely to see patchwork quilters of all ages taking part :-)

  5. I have been keeping that ribbon tutorial in mind. Did you like it? I love the idea of a mini show....and the quilt rack. Thanks for all the good info.

  6. Patti, i love your Modern Mini quilt show. As VP of a modern quilt Guild I’m always excited to see what others are making. Tell them “well done from PEI Canada”. And I love your Rosette as well. I may have to make one or three.


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