Friday, June 8, 2018

My scrappy HRT quilt

And the pile grows!

I pulled all the Sweetwater based charm square packs piling up in my stash and am making lots and lots of HRT - half-rectangle triangle blocks.

Each block is trimmed to 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 ''.  (I'll post an overall tutorial for HRTs on Monday!)

I really want lots of variety in this quilt so will work to resist assembling blocks until the HRTs are all done.

How many will I need?  If I go with a small lap sized (48 x 64''), I'll need 384.  Slightly bigger (and more practical) 60 x 72 '' sized would need 540.  If I go big and make a queen size (90 x 108''), I'll need 1,215.  (Yikes!)

I've got 160 so far.   I think I'll keep going until I'm tired of making them or I run out of charm squares and Sweetwater scraps.  And then decide.

I couldn't resist making one block though - this block is 16 1/2 '' square unfinished.

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Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. This is a great way to use scraps--my goal at our club's next retreat is to take all my leftover squares and make something(s) with them. The HRT is a nice change from HST. I'll have to remember it. :)

  2. Such sweet fabrics put together!

  3. What a fun growing pile! I probably wouldn't be able to resist sewing a block or two together, too.

  4. What a great project! I got new rulers for Mother's Day so I am making something similar :)

    1. I didn't even realize that a HRT ruler existed until recently - that would be an awesome way to make this quilt!

  5. Whooo, math with that many pieces makes me feel discouraged so I hope you can still just enjoy the process. Crazy Mom Quilts bundels her "Slow and steady" blocks in zip locs every one hundered finished. That sounded like a great solution for keeping track and order with sooo many blocks. Just an idea :)

    PS: Did I already mention the bloc loc ruler for HSTs? That should be perfect.

    Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the sewing and I am looking forward to seeing more - whatever the finished size will be :) xo Melanie

  6. Hi Patty,
    I have reading about HRTs so I look forward to seeing this project come together. Also your tutorial will be helpful. I cannot imagine making 1215 blocks for anything - yowza!
    Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. These are terrific. I love that rulers can really help us do the job properly!

  8. Really nice and a good way to use up fabric. Thank you also for the tutorial, the first method seems to be relatively easy indeed.

  9. Good luck making all the blocks. They look great so far.


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