Saturday, September 26, 2015

Block 101: Hourglass block

Bringing you another versatile block in the Elm Street Quilts Block 101 series.

The Hourglass block is quit a lot of fun to put together.  There is almost like a magic to the whole process.

I should really make more of these blocks.  They really are fun to assemble.

Now let's get started!

Start with two squares the same size.  (I am using 4'' squares for this tutorial.)  Draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of the lighter square.  (I used red marker for the photo - a pencil will do.)

Sew 1/4 '' to either side of the drawn line.

Cut in half, cutting through and not between the sewing line.

You will then have two pieces

Cut apart on the drawn line and you'll have 4 pieces as folows.

Unfold and finger press.

Swap the lower triangles as shown below.  (You can also make a bunch of these in different fabrics and colors and then combine them for an attractive looking hourglass.)

Sew together, aligning the seams carefully.

Trim to proper size.  These are being trimmed to 3'' squares.  Notice the measurement right at the center.

And enjoy!

You can make hour glass blocks in any size you want.  Start with the finished size you need and/or the unfinished block size.  The right column in the table tells you the size of the initial squares.

But you almost don't need a table.  Start with the unfinished size and cut your two (2) initial squares an inch larger!

Have fun!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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