Monday, July 11, 2022

2022 Mid-year Check-in

Yvonne @QuiltingJetgirl has a link-up to check in with our yearly goals now that we've passed the half-way point.   


My goals for the year (see this post) for 2022 were based on the word simplify with the intent to shift my energy to stuff that is important to me.  The craziness of the world around me continues and it is very calming when I can devote energy to things that bring me joy instead of focusing on the scary stuff.  Stitching my quilt Sanity was a great way to sit and relax.


In December, I had 5 very specific goals and then I added another one earlier this year.  So how am I doing?

Make at least one quilt to submit to QuiltCon 2023.  At this point, I've got one complete (Illusions) and another being quilted.  This second one is in response to the QuiltCon fabric challenge and I am excited to share more once the quilt is done.  This goal is met!

Join a QAL to create a charity quilt only using fabric from stash.  I joined the HRT QAL with the intent to sew along from stash BUT I realize now that the block size I chose means this will be a baby/incubator sized quilt.  This wasn't my original intent of the goal so time to rethink.

Submit a quilt design for publication.  I've submitted one quilt design so far (haven't heard back if it is accepted) and plan to submit another to the QuiltCon magazine.   This goal is met!

Play with color to make a improv mini quilt. Nothing on this yet.  Frankly, I forgot all about it!

Blog 1-2 times weekly and continue to host OMG (but without sponsors.)  So far, so good.  There is still strong interest in OMG and eliminating sponsors made this very simple for me to do!  I started using a bullet journal (see my post) to both keep track of my quilting and my blog schedule and it is helping me with this goal.

Make a group quilt for submission to QuiltCon.  (This was the goal I added!).  Very happy to say that this goal is in good shape.   Friends recruited, blocks arrived and assembled and the quilting has begun!

Spring Coat

Although not a hard and fast goal, I've tried to adopt the idea of using my scraps right away in another project.  For example, scraps from my first quilt coat became the back of my second coat (above) and then made an appearance in some zip bags!  Doing this fits nicely into the simplify idea because it means I don't need to create an organization system for scraps - just use them up!

Thinking through my goals has been a good exercise for me.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Wow, at only halfway through the year, you have made wonderful progress on your goals, Patty! I hope you have fun as you continue to simplify and focus your energy on what is important to you. I always enjoy seeing what you create!

  2. Sounds like you had a good start with your goals! Good luck with them and your word simplify in the second half and also lots of fun. xo


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