Thursday, December 30, 2021

Reflecting on 2021 and Welcoming 2022

The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a wonderful time to reflect on goals accomplished and to set new ones for the upcoming year.   I recently shared my Best of 2021 post and now I'll be liking up to #2022PlanningParty.   

I've filled my post with some eye candy of finishes from the past year.  (There are more in the Best of 2021 post.)

Year 2 of the pandemic was both easier and harder than 2020.  Vaccines offered relief and hope for getting back to normal but reality was Covid is still with us.  As a family, we still stay home as much as possible - certainly more than we did pre-pandemic - which means more time for quilting and blogging.

In December of 2020, I set my goals for the 2021 and updated mid-year on my status.

For 2021, I choose the word seek - as in seek new challenges in quilting and seek opportunities to connect and collaborate with others.  So how did I do?

  • Experiment with color and design and play outside my comfort zone.  I made 2 quilts to really stretch me here - the first is called Left Turn, made using wasabi and purple as the primary colors both of which are way outside my usual palette.  Left Turn (which I've yet to blog about) was juried into QuiltCon!  The second is I Believe in Dragons - my blue improv quilt with touches of orange made for my guild challenge and also juried into QuiltCon.    Calling this goal a win!
  • Seek inspiration everywhere and work to provide through my blog posts (tutorials, OMG etc.) - I fell really good about the blog content I published this year - from the hand pieced QAL and associated tutorials to the One Monthly Goal link-up where other quilters can find each other.  Calling this goal a win!
  • Establish a social media plan - when and what to post - Calling this near miss but not beating myself up for it.  I publish quite often on my blog and while the goal here was to do better with Instagram, I am fine that this is not my go to share spot.  So maybe this is a win after all because I figured it out!
  • Collaborate with another quilter(s) on a QuiltCon submission - Calling this a definite miss - maybe next year!

For 2022, my word is simplify.  The world is a complicated place and I want to simplify wherever I can and shift my energies to things that are the most important to me.  

My goals for the year: 
  • Make at least one quilt to submit to QuiltCon 2023.
  • Join a QAL to create a charity quilt only using fabric from stash.
  • Submit a quilt design for publication.
  • Play with color to make a improv mini quilt.
  • Blog 1-2 times weekly and continue to host OMG (but without sponsors.)
My goals are more focused than in past years.  Although it could change in the future, I've no plans to host a QAL this year and will be running OMG without sponsors.  I enjoy hosting OMG but want to try it without the hassle of chasing sponsors and prize winners.

I know I'll keep myself busy with projects - sewing quilts and bags brings great joy to my days and I so look forward to the 'me' time with my sewing machine!

Happy New Year and best wishes to you for a wonderful 2022.  I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blog and participates in OMG.  Thanks for being there.

I'll be linking up to Yvonne's #2022PlanningParty.   

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. You created so many beautiful projects this year and have great goals for 2022. Total #CreativeGoodness

  2. It truly is a lot of work to coordinate with sponsors and prize winners. I am sure that OMG will continue to be popular without them. I wish you a lot of quilting joy this year, and I always look forward to seeing what you create. :)

  3. I've never thought about prizes, but OMG gave me the opportunity to finish 11 projects this year. Thank you so much for the challenge. I'm sure I'll find some more UFOs to finish in the future.

  4. I'll definitely continue to participate in OMG without prizes; I just like having the plan so I know what to work on first. LOL Thanks for continuing to host it for us all.

  5. Sounds like you did well in 2021. I wish you all the best for 2022! xo

  6. Reading this post, as well as your "Best of 2021" post, made me realize how much I have come to rely on your blog (and a few others) as a bright spot and a bit of normality in the last two crazy years. I haven't done anything even vaguely quilt related (except order some sale fabric) since August. Even when I didn't take the time to comment, I was admiring your Temperature quilt and drooling over your Flying Geese jacket. Even though you couldn't hear me, I was cheering as your quilts were accepted into QuiltCon.
    My own quilting remains rather basic so I enjoy it when you discuss the process behind your work. + I've participated in OMG a few times and even when I haven't, I visit all of the links. It's a wonderful way to energize, encourage, and connect quilters from all corners of the internet. Thank you for continuing to inspire quilters in 2021. I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things you will share in 2022.


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