Thursday, July 7, 2022

Curated Quilts Mini Gallery - Sanity

The latest issue of Curated Quilts arrived in my mailbox this week and my quilt Sanity was returned!

The theme for issue 20 was Utility and the magazine is filled with some beautiful gallery quilts and includes a great tutorial for making a Kawandi quilt.   

My friend Frances @offkilterquilt is a cover-gal with the mention of her article on Why Quilt Labeling Matters!

I enjoy the regular challenges issued by Curated Quilts.  Sanity is the 3rd mini that's been included - two others -  Red Alert and There's a Trapezoid in there Somewhere - were in previous issues.

Check out Curated Quilts for yourself!  Use the code ESQ to save 10% off!  (As an affiliate, I'm excited to offer you the 10% off code.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Congratulations on the publication. It's always so fun to see the minis beside the gallery images in the magazine. :)

  2. Congratulations! It's a wonderful mini quilt... I love what you did with the red in fabric and in stitches!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you! :)

  4. How exciting, Patty! Your Sanity is lovely!

  5. It's wonderful to see your quilt in "Curated Quilts" mini challenge gallery! Congratulations! I didn't receive my issue until Friday, but I've enjoyed looking through it. Lately, I've been gravitating toward quilts with dense hand stitching and "Sanity" is just lovely!

  6. I like the entry Sanity! You encouraged me to check out the issue of Curated Quilts, with the nod to the Kawandi tutorial.I ordered a copy and have received. It was great fun to read all the articles and to see two entries from online blog friends. Yours and Linda H., Flourishing Palms. I am definitely going to try the Kawandi technique.


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