Friday, June 3, 2022

Pencil Sleeve

I've been looking for a way to better keep track of my quilting projects plus something that would work a little bit as a journal of projects completed.  The MQG had a seminar recently about bullet journaling which helped convince me to give the dotted grid a try.

I made myself a pencil sleeve to keep my markers all in one place.  I really like this design because it lays flat when open on my desk but you can also tuck the flap in to keep things all secure.

I used my favorite Alison Glass scraps and based my pencil sleeve on a tutorial I found here.  I went with a piece 3 1/2'' wide and about 15" long and used fusible fleece.  For my next one, I am going to try tapering the flap a bit so it fits better.

And in case you are interested, this was the journal and markers I purchased (affiliate links).  The paper quality is really nice!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I've never really fully explored bullet journaling, but I am a fervent list maker. It feels so good to cross something off! I hope the system works well for you and the pencil/pen sleeve is beautiful. :)

  2. Such a pretty pencil sleeve! I've never been successful at journaling. Though I've tried during devotional time, and also for recording quilt makes, I've found it's not worth the time I "waste" doing it. But I truly hope it works for you! We're all wired differently and it may be hugely worthwhile for you. Have fun with it.


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