Monday, March 21, 2022


Life is very crazy right now - has been for quite awhile.  And to add to the struggles of the world, I've had some family anxiety to deal with.

My piece Sanity is filled with big stitch quilting.  I spent a few minutes working on it each night and found peace in the motion of stitching and the texture left behind.

There is no quilting cotton in this piece.  There are scraps of my Dad's shirt (he passed away 2 1/2 years ago) plus scraps from a baby quilt and some linen and some chambray. 

My quilt Sanity is my entry to the latest Curated Quilts mini quilt challenge with the prompt of Utility. 

The challenge came with the directions to accessible fabrics for your Utilitarian mini quilt design. .... Accessible fabrics mean you may use the scraps you have on hand, significant fabrics that you treasure, or head out to the thrift shop for a few shirts to incorporate.

My quilt finishes at 11" square.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. How fun this little quilt looks! This looks like something I’d like to try also in the evenings just to keep my hands busy and to keep myself from snacking! Can you show what the back looks like?

  2. I'm sorry you have been dealing with family worries Patty. You made a gorgeous mini for this challenge. The texture from your stitches really takes it up a notch and I love the little unexpected red stitches!

  3. Sanity really resonates with me, Patty. I'm glad working on it in the evening helped you find some peace through stitching and texture. Sending you a big virtual hug and hopes that you continue to find a bit of peace each day.

  4. I can see the care and thought that has gone into this piece. It is lovely. It's wonderful how stitching can soothe the soul in times of distress.

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely hand stitched quilt. Soothing quarter inch seams or soothing hand stitch often gives me peace. Sorry about your family angst. Many of us are in the same position. I am sure you will push through.

  6. This little piece is perfect. Sorry for the anxious times, and I pray that they get better soon. I love that this little piece has brought some peace to you while working on it. Wishing some ease and calm to whatever it is that is difficult right now.

  7. I can see this as a soothing object, both in the making and as a textured item to stroke in times of stress or anxiety. I haven't tried big-stitch quilting, but now that I've seen this, I'm tempted to give it a try. I find any quilting to be soothing to the touch.

  8. This is excellent, Patty! So special with your dad's shirt included. And your hand stitching gives it so much pretty character. I really hope it's accept.


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