Monday, February 17, 2020

Out of Formation

I love participating in QALs and especially enjoy the one that  Cheryl @ Meadowmist Designs hosts each year.  I often put my own twist on them.  This year I both downsized the blocks (more on that in a minute) and changed the layout slightly.

The original layout (minus some of the piece that belong along the edge) looked like this.  While I really like this layout, I still couldn't resist making some changes.  (The fabric colors in  the photo below is more true to color than the other photos.)

But I wanted to play with it a bit and see what happens when some of the stars start to fall out of formation.

My downsized version measures about 27'' x 40''

My method for downsizing any block is simple - look at the finished block size in the pattern and divide it in half and then add 1/2'' to each dimension to get your unfinished size. 

 For example, a square that finished at 4'' is downsized to 2'' for which I would cut a 2 1/2'' square.   Or a flying geese which finishes at 3''x 6''is downsized to be 1 1/2 '' x 3'' finished or 2'' x 3 1/2'' unfinished.   When units get really small, I draw them up in EQ7 and paper piece!

I'll be linking up here.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, February 14, 2020

Celebrity Crush

Do you have a celebrity crush?  I do!  But this post isn't about mine, it is about my daughter's!

She just loves David Archuleta, American Idol runner-up.  My daughter celebrated her birthday this past weekend so I made her a David themed pillow complete with initials carved into the heart!

I've been very busy in my sewing space but I've been somewhat absent on sharing about it on my blog so it is fun to be back sharing some projects this week.

I've also been putting the finishing touches on my quilt top for the Hand Pieced QAL 2020.  The quilt top reveal and more information coming soon!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ready for Valentine's Day!

The word love is paper pieced and is a pattern by Kristy from Quiet Play.  

I needed to expand the block just a bit to have enough fabric to wrap around a 10'' x 10'' blank canvas.  To quilt, I went with lots of straight lines.

My stapler was having issues - missing a part meant you had to turn it upright and upside down in order to get it to work.  As a result, my corners are not as clean as I wanted but it was hard to do any better.  Once we either get a new stapler or find the missing piece to this one, I will redo those corners!

I've been wanting to put a quilt block on canvas and glad I finally did so.  There are more of these in my future for sure!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, February 10, 2020

Zip-Up Tray Pouch

I've been wanting to make the Zip-Up Tray Pouch by Aneela Hoey for some time.  Until now, I've been carrying around a plastic box with all my hand sewing supplies.  Practical, sure.  But not much fun!

Now when I meet up with friends to sew in our favorite coffee shop, all my stuff will stay nicely organized!

I've made a lot of bags and didn't find construction difficult.  I took my time with it and I thought the instructions were clear.  The interacting was stiff and fusible on both sides - makes for a nice sturdy final bag!

(I'm still loving my cutting mat from ecopeco - see my review here.)

Zipper installation was easy - I used a metal zipper for extra pizzaz!   There were some sewing gymnastics involved when attaching the sides but it all worked!

I used the same fabric for the binding as the outside of the zip-up tray so any issues would not be too visible. 

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Saturday, February 1, 2020

One Monthly Goal February Link-up

Welcome to February!  We've had 132 people link-up in January - let's see what this month brings.

New to One Monthly Goal?  Welcome!  To join, share a photo of your project, some words about what you want to accomplish in a blog post, an Instagram post (tutorial) or a post on Flickr and add that photo to the link-up.  Return at the end of the month and share your results.  You can read about the event and the rules on the main event page.

We have wonderful sponsors this month - three (3) winners will be randomly chosen from those that link up in both the goal and the finish event! 

Fat Quarter Shop offers a tremendous selection of fabric, notions, books and just about anything you will need for your project. Consider their Sew Sampler box to receive a monthly surprise delivery of fabric and fun.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky participant.

ecopeco has designed a 5 layer cutting mat made from food-safe plastic (no BPAs or PVCs).  The mat comes in several beautiful colors.  I use my mat every day - see my product review ecopeco is offering one lucky winner an ecopeco® Quetzal Blue Combo Pack (24” x 36” & 28” x 24”).  I just love my ecopeco mat and know that you will too!  (This prize can only be shipped to US addresses.)

OLFA offers a comprehensive range of premium cutters, and accessories for quilters and crafters.  OLFA introduced the world’s first rotary cutter in 1979.  OLFA is offering one lucky winner a Splash 45mm Quick Change Rotary Cutter, Emperor Purple.   (This prize can only be shipped to US & Canada addresses.)

My goal for February is to assemble the quilt top for my version of Mosaic mystery from Meadowmist Designs.  I downsized my blocks and part of my challenge is to figure out what size I want the final quilt to be!

Now it is your turn to link up - what is your goal for this month?  (A goal could be to finish a quilt but it could also be to attach a binding.  Whatever it takes to help you move forward and make progress on your projects!  And as long as the project involves making something with a needle and/or fabric, you can link up!)

Make sure you visit the One Monthly Goal event page for the specific requirements for links and social tags. 
 Your blog post (or Flickr post) must contain a photo of your project, a clearly stated goal and a link back to Elm Street Quilts.  Your Instagram post must include a photo of your project, a clearly stated goal and the tag #onemonthlygoal.  (Entries which don't contain the required information may be disqualified.)

And remember, to be eligible for the prize(s) by random drawing you must linkup at both the goal setting and the accomplishment linkup in a given month.   (The One Monthly Goal accomplishment linkup will be available on February 23.)

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Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, January 31, 2020

2019 Temperatures

I finally got the final set of stitches in my 2019 Temperature Quilt!

(Please ignore the obvious need to press this quilt top!)

The best part about this project is the chance to compare the two years.  Both had a large blob of orange and red representing our very hot NC summers.   Although 2019 did have that one 100 degree day in October and what fun I had adding that color!

2019 saw a warmer November and December with a bunch of 70 degree days as we counted down the year.

I've been on the fence on what to do for 2020 which means, so far, I've done nothing!  Seeing these two quilts together is a strong incentive to get started on a new one.  What I will likely do, since I've got plenty of fabric, is stick with the same colors but likely machine piece this one.

Here is a mapping of the colors to temperatures -

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, January 27, 2020

Left Right Geese Tutorial

Remember my Left Right quilt I shared last week?  The basic pattern is available for free from Fat Quarter Shop (get yours here!).   As drafted. the blocks have a plain rectangle surrounded by fabric strips.

I love the flying geese block so decided to include some inside my blocks - several people asked for the quilt math  and a brief tutorial so I decided to put one together!

The center of the block - the rectangle - finishes at 9 ½'' x 4 ½'' which means we need to make flying geese units that finish at 2 ¼'' x 4 ½''.

Here is what you will need:

  • 3 print rectangles, 2 ¾'' x 5'' (A)
  • 6 background squares, 2 ¾'' x 2 ¾ '' (B)
  • 1 background rectangle, 2''x 5'' (C)
  • 1 background rectangle,  1 ¾ x 5" (D)

On wrong side of piece B, draw a diagonal line.  Place B on A, sew, press and trim.  Repeat with second B unit.   Your flying geese unit will measure 2 ¾'' x 5''.  Make 3 in total.

Assemble block center following diagram.  I varied where pieces C and D were placed so that the geese were in different places in the block.   Block center will now measure 10'' x 5'' unfinished (which is, of course, is 9 ½'' x 4 ½'' finished.)

You could also cut two C pieces, sew them to either side of the 3 flying geese and then trim to block center measurements for lots of variety in geese placement.

Please tag me if you share a quilt with this center variation.  I'd love to see it!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Saturday, January 25, 2020

One Monthly Goal January Finish Link-up

Ready to link up your January finishes?
Don't panic - this link-up is open until January 31 at 11:55 pm ET.

Did you see the big sponsor announcement for One Monthly Goal 2020?  Check it out!  I enjoy running the link-up and happy to host the event again next year.

My goal for January was to create a baby size quilt with a pre-cut and yardage I got from Fat Quarter Shop.  I call my quilt Left Right.  You can find the tutorial (minus the geese I added to customize) here.

Now its your turn to link-up.

There will be three winners this month Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate,  Aurifil is offering a thread pack and Quiltfolk is offering a copy of the latest issue (January) plus a year's subscription.

Congratulations to Suzanne, Florence and Sherry - our lucky winners for January.  (Winners have been notified by email.)  updated 2/3
Visit the One Monthly Goal event page for the specific requirements for links and social tags. 

And remember, to be eligible for the prize(s) by random drawing you must linkup at both the goal setting and the accomplishment linkup in a given month. (January
 Goal Setting Link-up.)

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 Joining the link-up from Instagram -see the tutorial.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Left Right - my latest finish

Fat Quarter Shop has a wonderful series on their Jolly Jabber blog called Shortcut Quilts - patterns that use pre-cuts and produce fun quilts that go together quickly.    They asked me to participate in their new Jelly Belly Bar quilt - free pattern and tutorials are available!

I love fun quick projects so I promptly ordered my fabric - choosing this wonderful Jolly Bar Walkabout by Sherri & Chelsi.   Jolly Bars are a pre-cut rectangles which are 10'' x 5''.  

The block itself is simple and consists of a rectangle surrounded by four fabric strips.  The pattern suggests the rectangle come from the Jolly Bar and the fabric strips from a Jelly Roll.

I had some fabric from the same designer in my stash plus some leftover geese from another project so I decided to frame my blocks with strips cut from the Jolly Bar (and my stash) and then fill the block centers with geese.

Why geese?  Mainly because I love geese and I can never resist customizing a pattern a bit.

The geese fly across the quilt in different directions.  I chose a meander loop design for my quilting - this is really my fall back FMQ motif.  I enjoy it and it is very forgiving!

The binding is a combination of a green solid plus one strip of a green print.

The quilt finishes 42'' square - all ready to be gifted to a baby!

This quilt is my 2nd finish for 2020!  Make one yourself - see the tutorial!   Want to add some geese - here is the geese math!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Thursday, January 16, 2020

My Active WIP list

Nothing beats having a visual list of the quilts I hope to finish soon.  I've had to put these 4 projects aside to work on a quilt with a deadline but I hope to get back to them soon!

First up is my downsized version of Cheryl's Mosaic Mystery QAL.  I moved it from the floor to the design wall and thinking about how big I want the final quilt to be before I start sewing things together.

My Kinship flimsy awaits quilting.

My faux needleturned applique project needs to be soaked in water overnight to soften the foundation papers before I can base and quilt.

My (downsized) version of Modern Handcraft's snowflake just needs a binding.

I think I'll tackle adding the binding to the snowflake quilt first since it would be nice to have that done while winter is still here!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, January 13, 2020

A QAL Teaser

Some exciting news to share!  Kristin @ Simple Handmade Everyday and I have been planning a new Hand Pieced QAL which will launch in March!

For everyone who participated in our Hand Pieced QAL, our new QAL will include some new skills to keep you challenged as well as practicing the skills we covered last year.

The format of the QAL will be a bit different this time - stay tuned for more details.  We are still sewing our own version as fast as we can and are really enjoying this year's fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics!

Until then, check out our QAL from 2019 - all the tutorials are there waiting for you!  You can find all those listed



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Have a wonderful day! Patty