Thursday, September 25, 2014

iPad case tutorial

This tutorial is for a iPad case.  I've made several of these - it is a fun, fast and easy project.


  • Outer fabric: 15 1/2" by 21 1/2"
  • Lining fabric:  17" by 23"  (note - this will be trimmed later)
  • Fusible web:  2 cuts each 15 1/2" by 21 1/2"
  • From either outer or lining fabric, cut binding strip 15 1/2" by 2 1/4" 
  • From either outer or lining fabric, cut binding strip WOF by 2 1/4" 
  • 7" strip of velcro

Prepare fabric:
  1. Iron to the fusible web to the wrong side of both the lining and the outer fabric
  2. Make a sandwich with fusible web pieces touching.   The right side of each outer and lining should be facing out.  
    Outside fabric - see the extra from the lining fabric?

    And now the back

  3. Mark the fabric at 2 1/2" increments with a water soluble pen.
  4. Sew on each of the lines (with walking foot) as well as a line at the very top and very bottom.  Remove lines by spraying with water.

Assemble iPad case:

Take the small binding strip, fold in half and press and attach to one edge as you would a binding.  Flip and pin and then top stitch.
 View from the lining side

Fold up bottom roughly 5 1/2" and test iPad in 'pocket' to make sure you are happy with it will fit.

I like this side view!

Align the top of the velcro strip roughly 3" from top of inside edge.  Center, pin and sew.  (Recommend securing the soft part of the velcro strip here and using the loops for the flap.)

With the bottom folded roughly at 5 1/2", sew a side seam on each side.

Test ipad.   You should have enough room to one side to sew a line 3/4" from stitching line.  This is to create a pocket for your stylus.    (Note that my pen is a stand in for the stylus.  I was too lazy to walk downstairs and get it for the photo!)

Test ipad again and make sure you are happy with the fit.

Take the other velcro strip and align it roughly 1/2" from top flap edge.  Pin.  With iPad in the case, fold over and make sure your velcro strips are aligned.  Sew velcro.   (Test again once sewn.)

(Optional) Round corners of flap.  (I traced a spool of thread to get a slight curve.)

Sew binding as you would for a quilt and then finish by hand.

Have a wonderful day! 

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