Sunday, July 26, 2015

Block 101 - The 4 Patch

Simple.  Versatile.  Ubiquitous.   (Wait, I said that about the HST block too!)

The 4 patch block is a basic foundation block which is used as part of countless other blocks.

To assemble, you need four squares of equal size.  

Fold the pieces on the right over on top of the pieces of the left (right sides together) and bring to your machine.  Sew.

See that piece of thread which connects these together - don't cut that!

  Open and press seams towards the dark side.  (May the force be with you!)

Fold the bottom squares onto the top (right sides together) and align against the seam.  With your seams pressed towards the dark side, the two pieces will nestle together nicely.

Pin right at that seam intersection.

Sew together and press open.

And from the wrong side.

The table below can help you figure out how big you need to cut the initial squares in order to get the 4 patch size you want.

For example, for a 4 patch that will finish at 4” in your finished quilt, you need to cut the initial two squares at 2½”.

The formula is easy -  take any finish size you need for the 4 patch, divide that number by 2 and then add ½”.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sandcastles at the Beach!

My family and I are fortunate enough to vacation for a week each year at the North Carolina beach.  The Outer Banks are just beautiful.  I bring my machine along each year to sew during the times we are not down on the beach.

This year, I created Sandcastle!

I waited until the last day to capture a photo on the beach which meant I had to deal with lots of wind.

The photo op was still fun .... until I had to chase it down the beach after a big wind gust!

This pattern is now available in my Elm Street Quilts pattern store on Craftsy.  It is my 6th pattern and could be my favorite one!

You need 2 fat quarters for the castle and then scraps for the flags, windows and doors.

My kids are teenagers and have lost interest in building actual sandcastles.  My quilty one will just have to do!!

(Also posted at my blog A Stitch in Time.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Block 101- The Half Square Triangle (HST)

Simple.  Versatile.  Ubiquitous.   The half square triangle - HST - is a basic foundation block, used as a component of countless other blocks.

To assemble, you need two squares of equal size.   Draw a line down from corner to corner on the wrong side of the lighter block. 

Place right sides together, the drawn diagonal line facing up.  One each side of the diagonal line, stitch at ¼” distance.

Cut apart on your drawn line (between the seams).

You've now created two (2) HST.

Press the seams to the darker side and trim to desired size.

The table below can help you figure out the size requirements for the initial cut squares in order to get the finished HST size desired.

For example, a HST that will finish at 2'' in your quilt, or 2½” unfinished (the trim size) requires the initial squares to be cut at 3''.

The basic formula is easy - take any finished size you need for the HST and add 1'' (one inch) to get to the dimension of the cut square. (Technically, you only need to add 7/8 '' but some rulers don't have markings at 1/8'').

half square triangle tutorial HST

Have a wonderful day! Patty