Thursday, April 7, 2022

Postcard Swap

Happy quilting mail!!

My local MQG guild just did a postcard swap.  A quick fun project to send in the mail to another guild member.  My postcard arrived as a friendly hello - made during our local guild retreat - by Intuit.  (Check out her IG stream for a photo of her holding the postcard at the beach!)

For my swap recipient, I made a small FG rainbow using some of my favorite scraps!

The swap was great fun and I'm very happy that I participated.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Sweet postcards Patty. I'm curious if they are the size of paper postcards or just small mug rugs? I don't know the details of making fabric postcards, but they certainly look to me that they would make delightful Happy Mail.

  2. How fun to see Intuit on the beach with the postcard you received! Looks like a fun and successful swap. :)

  3. Love the postcard. I send them a lot but this year I have to put in envelope to send or pay .75 per postcard. I will send in envelope. I send to grands on holidays. Do you have a pattern or measurements for rainbow postcard?

  4. The flying geese postcard you made is especially nice and colorful. I've only ever participated in one postcard swap, and it was with another modern MQG guild. I'm sorry to say I was disappointed that I didn't receive a modern postcard, like the modern postcard I made and sent.


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