Friday, April 15, 2022

HST and HRT BOM April update

Block 4 is now done from the Modern HST BOM - block 1.  When the QAL started, you were told how many HSTs and HRTs you would need for the whole quilt and you could size them anyway you wanted to get the finish size that would work for you.  My blocks will finish at 8" which means my HST are 2". 

While I made all my HSTs ahead of time, I am creating simple FPP patterns for each month's HRT blocks to eliminate seams wherever I can.  

It's fun to start putting together the blocks I've made so far.  At this point, I'm not really liking the one in the bottom left so it may not make the final cut.

Check out all the blocks at #modernhstBOM2022.  While most of my quilts are made from my own designs, I always enjoy having a project where someone else tells me what to sew.  My only decision is the fabric!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. The combination of HSTs and HRTs really make for some interesting movement in the blocks!

  2. Your block looks great. This is a BOM I want to join in on.

  3. Funny... you like a project when "someone else tell me what to sew." It's certainly easier to make a quilt that way, isn't it? Sometimes our own projects have us doing lots of - too much! - design overthinking! Your blocks look really nice, in my humble opinion. Keep having fun with it!


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