Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Fibonacci Blanket Update

I've been knitting up a storm more than doubling the length of my panel for my Fibonacci blanket since my post on April 11.

The panel is not blocked and is wider than it appears.  At this point, it clearly resembles a scarf!

This panel measures 55" long and about 15" wide.  My original goal was to size my blanket at 45" square but I've decided slightly bigger - namely 55" square - would be a better option.  To increase the width of my blanket, the other two panels will be 20" wide and will go to either side.

I've cast on one side panel, this time with 92 stitches to support my initial couple of rows of K2 P1 ribbing.  I'll also add ribbing to one edge.

This is a perfect knitting project for sitting in front of the tv or sitting on the couch talking to a family member.  Its also a good excuse to sit quietly and relax for a few minutes.

The colors are following a pattern - dark gray to blue to light gray to white to light gray to blue to dark gray - and the width of the strip follows the Fibonacci series, namely 1", 2", 3", 5",  and 8".

The yarn was weighed after finishing the middle panel to help me calculate how much more was needed.  The results were interesting - the light gray was the most used with only 14 grams left.  The blue, dark gray and white had 41 grams, 47 grams, and 48 grams left, respectively, which means the middle panel used 250 grams of yarn.

More yarn was purchased!  This is Berroco cotton yarn in color ways Waterman (1685), Tiverton (1623), Gadwall (1608) and Bluffs (1600).  The Waterman (blue) dye lot was able to be matched to my original purchase but not so for the other colors.  However, I'm not worried about this for this particular project.  (affiliate link)

Happy knitting.

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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