Wednesday, January 8, 2020

2019 Finishes

We are more than a week into 2020 so I wanted to take a minute to capture all my 2019 finishes in one blog post.

First up are my larger quilt finishes (except for a charity quilt not pictured.)  6 of these quilts were gifted -   Maui to my sister in celebration of her new home,  Linked to my nephew and his bride to celebrate their wedding,  My Dad's Quilt to my dad to provide comfort during his cancer battle, Special to celebrate a decade birthday for another sister, Bunny as a gift for a friend's new grandchild, and finally Her Favorite Things to celebrate the birthday of my daughter's friend.

Dizzy and Briar Rose were MQG challenge quilts which had to be made with specific fabric.  Linked and Briar Rose were published in a magazine!

Top row:  MauiLinkedThe Happiness Tree
Middle row: Dizzy My Dad's QuiltSpecial

I made several mini quilt in response to challenges - SpinVases or FacesMinimalist improvA Favorite Block, and Family Friendly plus Curves (not pictured). The house was gifted as a thanks to a friend of a friend who let me stay in her house at QuiltCon!

Top Row: Vases or FacesTeapotSpin

In addition to all of these there were some pillows (always love making pillows), a table runner with leftover geese and the finish of my 2018 Temperature quilt.

Such fun to look over a year's worth of finishes.  Almost all of them were made start to finish in 2019! 

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. All so pretty. It would be difficult to choose a favorite. You sure accomplished a lot.

  2. You definitely had a busy year. All wonderful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your fabulous finishes. Love to see the variety of projects that you have completed. Love the handstitch in the minimalist improv.

  4. Wow, a very productive year. What I love about your work is that each work is so different - even if some are linked by style type.

  5. SO much beauty you have added to the planet... well done!

  6. These are all amazing! You were one busy lady in 2019!

  7. Such wonderful finishes! So nice to have handmade projects around the house and to give for gifts!


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