Friday, January 11, 2019


Every quarter, Curated Quilts issues a challenge for a mini quilt and provides a single word prompt and a color palette.

Some of the quilts that link-up are selected to be featured in the magazine.  The latest challenge arrived right in the middle of the holidays with a deadline of January 2.

This was my first attempt - an improv curve using bias tape applique.   As you can see, I never buried those threads or finished the edge.  (I did however nail the bias tape part!)

While I had enormous fun putting it together, I wasn't sure it was any good.  So I started over, made some quick cardboard templates and hand pieced my curvy river.

Turns out small scale curves are really hard - even hand piecing. This mini is 11'' x 11'' and as a result, the smallest error resulted in issues and very few of the seams lined up.  For the quilting pattern, I choose something with less threads to bury.  Pebbles on such a small scale were fun.

I started this December 31 and finished it January 1 so it was a quick finish.

My mini did not get selected but I love these challenges and I'll keep trying!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I agree that smaller piecing ups the ante on piecing precision. I like both minis very much!

  2. These are great and I agree, smaller is harder. The upside is that a mini is easy to get done and we all like a finish. The entries were amazing this challenge and with over 100 so many great ones didn't make it in but hopefully the makers had fun and learned something or created a project they can be proud of.

  3. So fun with those small quilts. That first one is great, even with the threads. I've taken part in those challenges also, and I've learnt a lot. Hopefully I'm good enough to be selected sometime.

  4. I really like the green one - snip those threads and hang it or make it into something.
    It's really cool. And good for you for accepting and completing the challenge. You go girl!

  5. Well I’m sure you must know quilters who leave the ends as part of the quilt?
    At my handicraft group we recently had a talk by a lady who did leave the ends as part of her quilt but I don’t think many of my group will be following her example.
    Definitely smaller is harder! I love both quilts, and they are so different from each other!
    Barbara x

  6. Both are great. Well done. Too bad they weren't selected.

  7. That looks like a lot of fun - it also looks very complicated! love the colors!

  8. I love these challenges as well but I just couldn't pull this one off around Christmas with unexpected visitors etc. I love the colours in both of yours and I agree that the small size does make things harder.


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