Friday, January 31, 2020

2019 Temperatures

I finally got the final set of stitches in my 2019 Temperature Quilt!

(Please ignore the obvious need to press this quilt top!)

The best part about this project is the chance to compare the two years.  Both had a large blob of orange and red representing our very hot NC summers.   Although 2019 did have that one 100 degree day in October and what fun I had adding that color!

2019 saw a warmer November and December with a bunch of 70 degree days as we counted down the year.

I've been on the fence on what to do for 2020 which means, so far, I've done nothing!  Seeing these two quilts together is a strong incentive to get started on a new one.  What I will likely do, since I've got plenty of fabric, is stick with the same colors but likely machine piece this one.

Here is a mapping of the colors to temperatures -

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Oh wow, what an interesting time of year to get a day over 100 degrees! It is very fun to scroll back and forth to compare the two years of temperature mapping.

  2. I wish I had the gumption to keep up with something so diligently because the end project is terrific.Love your color choices.

  3. Well done. I haven't finished piecing 2019, but I've got January 2020 done. ☺ Hope you figure out a plan for 2020.

  4. Our bee is doing this as a challenge, with a little different twist - the 52 days we met/would have met in 2019. We are doing it for our show this year, and I haven't quite decided on my block, but need to do so soon. I admire people who have done for a whole year and to have finished two and to begin thinking about 3 is quite a commitment but also the results are so very interesting.

  5. I love watching the progress on these, and it's fun to see them side by side.

  6. I'm doing my own temperature quilt this year using 3" finished size (3.5" unfinished) hourglass blocks representing the high AND low temps for the day. They are one direction if the National Weather Service says there was rain, and the other direction if there was no rain. And I've pared down my colors to only 10 representing 10 degrees for each color.


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