Monday, January 27, 2020

Left Right Geese Tutorial

Remember my Left Right quilt I shared last week?  The basic pattern is available for free from Fat Quarter Shop (get yours here!).   As drafted. the blocks have a plain rectangle surrounded by fabric strips.

I love the flying geese block so decided to include some inside my blocks - several people asked for the quilt math  and a brief tutorial so I decided to put one together!

The center of the block - the rectangle - finishes at 9 ½'' x 4 ½'' which means we need to make flying geese units that finish at 2 ¼'' x 4 ½''.

Here is what you will need:

  • 3 print rectangles, 2 ¾'' x 5'' (A)
  • 6 background squares, 2 ¾'' x 2 ¾ '' (B)
  • 1 background rectangle, 2''x 5'' (C)
  • 1 background rectangle,  1 ¾ x 5" (D)

On wrong side of piece B, draw a diagonal line.  Place B on A, sew, press and trim.  Repeat with second B unit.   Your flying geese unit will measure 2 ¾'' x 5''.  Make 3 in total.

Assemble block center following diagram.  I varied where pieces C and D were placed so that the geese were in different places in the block.   Block center will now measure 10'' x 5'' unfinished (which is, of course, is 9 ½'' x 4 ½'' finished.)

You could also cut two C pieces, sew them to either side of the 3 flying geese and then trim to block center measurements for lots of variety in geese placement.

Please tag me if you share a quilt with this center variation.  I'd love to see it!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Thank you, Patty! I'd have figured it out -- evenutally -- but I'm grateful you shared just how you did it. Much easier for me!

  2. Thanks for sharing...saves me doing the math LOL It's a nice pattern, but your version is soooooooooooo much better. ☺

  3. I agree with Jay...I had decided to put geese in my rectangles as well but just hadn't worked out the math yet...thank you so much for doing the heavy lifting for us. It is appreciated!

  4. I loved your variation on the pattern. Very clever! Thanks for sharing the math!

  5. Great little tutorial - they are quite handsome made that way. I am running a tutorial and tips party and would love for you to link up (22nd-the end of each month).

  6. Love your variation. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great tune! Thanks for taking the time!

  8. Thank you Patty for sharing your tutorial. I love the version you created.

  9. That's a great variation. Thanks for sharing what you did.

  10. The flying geese add to much to the quilt! Thanks for the tutorial!


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