Friday, January 8, 2021

UFO vs WIP 2021 Version

What's the difference between a UFO and a WIP?  

For me, a UFO - unfinished object - is a project I've packed away with intentions of finishing someday.

 A WIP - work in progress - is a project that while I may not be actively working on it, I intend to get back to it soon.

My WIP are shown below:

My UFO list is a bit longer.  All but one of these was a UFO coming into 2020.... some for several years now.  I created this list by looking at the UFO list in last year's planner and searching my blog for the photos.

Here is my UFO list as we start 2021:

Top row:
  • Kinship flimsy awaits quilting from 2019 - My goal is to try some unique FMQ designs.
2nd row:
  • downsized version of Cheryl's Mosaic Mystery QAL (2019) - I originally made this to be a wall hanging but I think I'll turn it into baby quilt
  • (downsized) version of Modern Handcraft's snowflake (2019) - just needs a binding
  • Star Wars blocks - there are 3 of them... not sure what to do with them but there are fun
3rd row:
  • Farmers Wife 1930's (2015-2016) - I've got all the blocks done but I made them with leftover fabrics that I wasn't so fond off.... which means I've got a pile of blocks I don't love
  • Rin (2017) is all assembled into a quilt top and I need to decide on quilting
  • Crossroads FQS pattern (2016) - quilting on this one is about 1/2 done and I'm not feeling it.  Sadly, I used some favorite fabric to make this one so I will finish and likely donate
bottom row:
It helps me greatly to virtually take all these projects out and remind myself of their existence.  I expect that there are a few more buried away that didn't even make the list.  If I find them, I will come back and update this post.

How many of these will be UFOs in 2022?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. That is definitely how I categorize and differentiate between WIPs and UFOs, too. It looks like a few UFOs might be close enough to a finish that you won't carry them to 2022. :)

  2. Nice for you to be so organized as to SEE the quilts you have in the works. I admire you for setting your sight on finishing these in 2021. I hope you achieve your goals!

  3. To me a UFO is a project packed away and not touched for 6 months or more and WIP are all my current projects. I am normally working on 5-6 project at one time. They are out and have had some progress over the last few weeks. My UFO list is alway longer than my WIP too.

  4. That is a helpful distinction!
    All of your UFOs look like marvellous projects to work on!

  5. I'm jealous of how far along some of your UFOs are, and I love the distinction between the two groups. Now go stick a binding on that Snowflake quilt and call it a finish!

  6. One UFO was my hand piece small quilt which I finished hand quilting last night; now it must get a binding. The next is the Hand pieced one that is ike your blue, only mine is mostly red, white, blue. Must hunt out the thread. I will start tonight. I love to hand piece. I hope to start one like your summer slow stitch. I need to name my quilts. Thank you for so many ideas.


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