Wednesday, January 20, 2021

100 Day Project Update - 29 Days to QuiltCon

When I started this project 71 days ago, I thought I'd make a little 4-patch block each day for 100 days.  A few days into this, I thought that was too easy of a goal and gave myself an additional stretch goal to sew together a 36-patch block each day for 100 days.

Here I am 71 one days into the project (which means 29 days to QuiltCon!!!) and much to my surprise I have 67 blocks done.

I'm only 4 blocks behind.


Now I need to ask myself why I did this?  The actual construction doesn't take much time, but the prep sure does!   Diving into my bottom-less bin of solid scraps, trimming to 1 1/2 '' strips, sewing things together, and then, pressing all those seams open.

I've got enough pieces prepped for 12 more blocks which mean they will go quickly.

I have not been working on a block each day.  Instead, I find myself batching them up and doing a whole bunch at a time.  

At this point, I believe I will make all 100 blocks.  But, I am equally confident they won't get done before QuiltCon. 

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. So bright and cheerful. This will make a wonderful quilt.

  2. I'd find it hard to do just one a day; I'd do a batch at a time as well--just more efficient. They really do look like a lot of fun and pretty inspiring. Makes me want to dive into my scrap bin!

  3. You are making amazing progress! I think it's smart to batch them up to work on together, and even if all the blocks aren't done by QuiltCon, I bet you will be close. :)

  4. Very cheerful. Do you have a plan for the blocks once done? Years ago I did a 9-patch-a-day challenge posed by my LQS. I used some in a quilt, some for a dog bed and still have a stack of colorful 9 patch blocks to play with.

  5. I’ve never done anything like this! They look cool together. You have great patience. 👍

  6. I love your expression: I am equally confident they don't get done. What a great way to remove stress from a project. Nice way to use up scraps!

  7. Your project is gorgeous, and obviously filling a need and expectation. I'm happy for you!

  8. Did you do any strip sets or just one block at a time?


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