Monday, February 13, 2017

improv QAL - log cabin block

For overall information on play, the improv QAL, please see the QAL kickoff as well the main event page.  

The improv QAL has a set of basic rules -

  • you are in charge
  • make what you want
  • don't follow a pattern
  • play with fabric
  • experiment

Anything goes here.

This is your project, your creativity. 

There will be weekly prompts each Monday through April 3.  The prompts are there to get you started.  If you are new to improv, I highly recommend you follow the prompt and see what happens. And if you don't want to waste fabric in case you don't like the result - use your scraps.  But do use scraps you like!

Each week, I'll show you a mini quilt created using this week's prompt.  I'll also be making 'blocks' to join into a bigger quilt piece at the end of the improv QAL.


Here is your first prompt -
Make a wonky log cabin block(s) without worrying about aligning edges or quarter inch seams
 Produce a mini or create blocks to be assembled together with other blocks from the QAL.

Remember, this prompt is just the start of this week's assignment.  Embrace it or ignore it.

What you'll need -

  • Fabric square or rectangle for center and then strips of varying sizes to surround your center.

Build as you would a regular log cabin except put aside the ruler and embrace the irregular shapes of your pieces.

Some tips & ideas -

  • Use your ruler to stabilize the fabric when cutting through several layers at once instead of just cutting with your rotary cutter alone
  • Consider cutting strips and trimming with scissors
  • Press and trim the extra overhang before adding the next round of strips.
  • Aditional fabric of the background color to frame or further offset the blocks.  Your outside strips could be extra wide to give you room to trim your block to the final shape.

Remember - anything goes here.  It is your project, your creativity coming through.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  This might feel uncomfortable but don't give up - keep working through to the end product.

  • Use #playimprovqal to earn entries towards one of the QAL prizes.  

Next prompt Monday, February 20.  Here's a sneak peak.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great beginning prompt, Patty! I'm looking forward to getting started. Coffee first! XO

  2. I've been playing today! Posting on Instagram!

  3. Looks fun. I am going to let go of symmetry and order, and give improv a chance, lol. Very out of my wheelhouse, but should be good for me. 'Will post and share.

  4. I am so excited about giving this a good old scrappy feeling! I made my wonky log cabin and mis-placed it! Who does that! Any way, I am determined to find it! Cheers!


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