Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Slow Circles

A lecture at my guild and an on-line class by Carolyn Friedlander introduced me to the wonderful world of needle turned applique.

I have always enjoyed sewing by hand - even attaching quilt bindings.  Until recently, the only applique I had done was by machine.

In my stash I found four charm packs of various Fig Tree fabric lines from several years ago.  I decided to sew some circles and consider this my learning project before I tackle something much larger and complicated.

This is a perfect project for tv watching as I work on making my stitches small and trying to make them less visible.

I've a perfect basket for the project.  Large for all my circles to collect as well as my sewing kit.  It also keeps everything in place when I put things down with the needle in the fabric.

When I first tried to applique by hand - before the guild meeting and the class - I ignored the basting part.  Seemed like a waste of time.  Instead I just pin basted and used regular pins as well!  All that happened was I get getting pricked by the pins and lost interest in the project.

Now I have the right pins and the right needles.  (Although the eye of the applique needle is sooooo small.)

I've not done any math to see how large this will be but I'm aiming for baby quilt sized.   I was also going to experiment with one circle on a four patch of charm squares to add some interest to the final quilt.

Do you have a slow stitch project that you are working on?

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Ahh, circles! I love circles! I have a circle quilt top, ready to be sandwiched, but it will probably have to wait until spring, now. I hand appliqu├ęs mine, too. Yours will be oh, so very pretty! XO

  2. Fun!! I love applique and need to learn the needle turn method.

  3. Your project is wonderful! I'm so happy you're experimenting with needle turn applique! Love circles! Thank you for sharing!

  4. About how big are circles? I like to needleturn hand applique. Sounds like a great evening project to start in January.


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