Tuesday, March 5, 2024

QuiltCon 2024 Recap Part 3: The Workshops

(This is my 3rd post about QuiltCon 2024. Read about my quilts and all the quilts in parts 1 and 2.)

Each year at QuiltCon, I schedule myself into one half-day class. For the last several years, these have been very focused on handwork.

I've been a big fan of Jo Avery and her whimsical applique. Her work is so fun and really quite different then the quilts I usually make so I was excited to take her Needle Turned Rainbows workshop. Our first job was to pair our rainbow fabric with our background fabric. My final project will be a 9 rainbow mini-quilt that I intend to big stitch quilt. Jo is a fantastic teacher and shared all kinds of tips with us. She also had one of her fabric book there to look at. Those fantasy birds are so fun!

I made a good start on 2 blocks in the class. Over the past week, more progress has been made with a goal of sewing all 9 of the bigger rainbow and then decide the color of the smaller one!

New to QuiltCon 2024 was education for guild leaders and it was very flattering to be asked to lead a session on Creating Interactive Programming. I taught with fellow Triangle MQG members Tatyana @greytat and Robin @rct_quilts. I've been on our local guilds board for 7 years so I've been involved in putting together many programs. (There were guild leader sessions on organizing a group quilting project by Sarah @bysarahruiz and Elizabeth @elizabethray.)

The three of us divided up the workshop so we each had distinct roles and we pinky sweared that we would not interrupt each other. :-)  Tatyana did the intro and closing and introduced the concept of time, treasure, talent as a way to think of what people bring as volunteers. I talked about successful programs ran by our guild and ideas on how to make meeting interactive. Robin ran the brainstorming exercise.

We taught two sessions and got really nice feedback from attendees in each one. The most fun to more was the interactive discussion when each team reviewed their program ideas and how they made them more interactive. 

The room had windows overlooking the show floor so I had fun texting friends (before the session started!) to go stand by the sign for a bird's eye view picture - see Jen @quiltinjenny, @kristin_esser, and Minki @zeriano waving. Maybe you are in this photo too!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Those birds eye view windows were a delightful aspect to the convention center in Raleigh! I'm glad you still make time for a workshop and that leading the guild leader education workshop went so well.

  2. So glad you got to take a workshop with Jo. She's a great instructor, and her project ideas are so fun! I loved making her tiny improv cityscape. Oh! Very cool that you were involved with the leadership sessions. Those must be the ones with a charge involved. Congratulations on being invited to share your knowledge! No doubt that was a good experience for those of you leading the sessions, and the people who learned from you. I was at the Leadership Mix and Mingle (only), and I didn't see you there. But I managed to make some nice connections, so that was good.


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