Friday, March 1, 2024

QuiltCon 2024 Recap Part 2: The Quilts

Capturing memories from QuiltCon is as much for me as it is for anyone who enjoys reading about them. Earlier this week I shared Part 1: My Quilts and today I will be sharing some favorites from the show.

Given that QuiltCon was held 30 minutes from my home, I was able to volunteer during show set-up and worked with others (in teams of 3) to hang the show. This was tremendous fun and I'd highly recommend it as a volunteer gig.

There were several quilts in the show with important messages about our society. This includes the Best in Show quilt made by my friend Ginny Robinson @minnowpeck

This was a very emotional quilt for Ginny, a teacher and a parent, to work on and I hope that by winning best in show it will get important visibility. What Will Use As a Weapon: A List of School Supplies includes applique images of items teachers told Ginny they want - or have - in their classroom as a point of defense. The dimensions of the quilt map to the dimensions of a doorway.

Shining light on gun violence were these three quilts - Uvalde, TX by Alexis Pappas, The Number of Holes by Lorraine Woodruff-Long @quiltinginthefog, and bang you're dead by Jacquie Gering @jacquietps. Uvalde, TX won 1st place in the Negative Space category.

Shifting now to quilts that made me happy and inspired

Odd Man Out by Andrew Love @andrewlove1109, FISH by Marianne Knops @Quilt_aan_Zee, and It's A Trap by Melissa de Leon Mason @quiltallthethings... taken without a flash on left and with a flash on right.

Ralph by Vera Root @veraroot, Laneways by Tara Glastonbury @stitchandyarn, Composition 2 by Laurie Paquin @paquin222, and Candy Pop by Kelly Spell @kellyspell. Candy Pop won the award for Best Original Modern Design.

Fruit Salad by Jo Avery @joaverystitch, U-Turn by Debbie Shives, Dare Mighty Things by Teresa Coates @TeresaCoates, and Into The Wind by Michelle Bartholomew @michellebartholomew

I love both the composition and the thought provoking messages in these quilts. GTFO! by Janeille Vogler @jvmakesIt's Not Pie by Barb Vedder @FunwithBarbEnough #3 by Elizabeth Ray @elizabethray, and you don't belong here by Jacquie Gering @jacquietps.

Finally, last, and certainly not least, quilts that belong to some wonderful friends and I am so very excited for each of them! Their quilts are amazing.

Congratulations to Sara Young @spanishquilter for her quilt Catalano and to Tatyana Kelly @greytat for Raspberry Sherbet - for their very first QuiltCon accepts! 

Congratulations to Charles Cameron @feltlikesweets for Local Density 01 Yvonne Fuchs @quiltingjetgirl for her quilt Cloudy Night Sky . 

Density 01 has incredible tiny pieces and it was one of the quilts I had the privilege of hanging - it is heavy from all those seams! Local Density 01 won 3rd place in the Fabric Challenge category. 

Cloudy Night Sky which won Best Machine Quilting, one of the top QuiltCon awards. Yvonne shares much of her process on her blog and IG and it was amazing to watch her execute her quilting plan and then see the final product IRL and receive recognition for quilting which enhanced/embraced the overall design of the quilt. (Read more about Yvonne's perspective on her IG post.)

The amount of talent on display at the show was just amazing. I came home inspired from every quilt that I saw. I wish I had taken photos of all of them to share but this post has already taken a lot of time to put together!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It does take a long time to put together these recap posts and share the quilts as best we can, but I'm so very glad that you and others choose to do it. Thank you so much for your hard work as a volunteer. And what an absolute treat to see the quilts that caught your eye. FISH was such a vibrant and fun quilt that made me chuckle out loud when I saw it (and golly, was it immaculately pieced)!

  2. Thanks for letting us enjoy the show vicarious through you!

  3. It's nice to see the quilts that attracted your attention, whether they were because of the messages, or the people you know who made them. Everyone has a different view of what captured them, as I learned at yesterday's Central Florida MQG meeting. We asked all 21 of our QC attendees to submit a picture or two of quilts they liked (other than award-winners), and not surprisingly, of the 18 people who submitted photos for our program, there were 16 different favorites! Your "The Twist" was among them. Yay!


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