Monday, March 25, 2024

Cozy QAL - The Basting & the Marking

After considering different options, I decided to stencil words of affirmation onto my Cozy quilt from the  Cozy QAL from Alison Glass. My affirmation words are beautiful, intelligent, creative, confident, inspirational and courageous. There is room for a few more words but I was so excited to get started on the stitching that I decided to mark the rest later.

These 4" stencils turned out to be the perfect size - rest assured, I did test things out ahead of time on scraps just to be sure. I also used a washable marker - also tested multiple times - so any errors could easily be washed away. (It is incredible hard to photograph this without washing up the true color of the jersey knit.)

Stitching is very calming and meditative. I am working from the top down and right to left. I've chosen bright 8 weight pearl cotton from my stash, working down in rainbow-ish colors to match the inner layer, assembled back in February (see that post)

I am planning to stitch the first four words and then give myself the reward of cutting back the fabric to reveal the inner layer! I am on word 4!!!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. Great choice to use powerful words of affirmation. And it sounds like you are close to the first reward of trimming back letters! :)


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