Tuesday, March 19, 2024

My "Use Up the Fabric" Quilts

Everything time I look around my sewing space, I see fabric I plan to use, fabric I love but have no plan for, and then all the rest of the fabric that I am confident will never make it into a quilt. 

So what to do with this perfectly good but just not likely to get used fabric? My goal is to make quilts for my guilds community giving project. We are focused on kids in the foster care system so quilts with modern design and bright colors are the best.

That pile of HST has been sitting waiting to be trimmed for some time now so I plan to tee that up for a nice sunny afternoon on the back porch. Once trimmed, it should be quick to get a top done.

For my second quilt, I decided to take advantage of the Seattle MQG's free BOM and use some coordinated large scraps to make a second quilt. 

I made some large flying geese using some colorful scraps. The background is a cream Bella solid of which I had several cuts of that hopefully add up to be enough for the quilt. I followed the instructions as written for the first 2 months of the BOM. Cutting instructions are tipped towards a beginner quilter so things are cut big and trimmed quite a bit. I'll likely modify things for future blocks since I need to conserve background fabric.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. That's fantastic that you have such a good local way to donate quilts with your guild. I hope you can get your background fabric to stretch to work for the Seattle BOM. :)

  2. Good for you to be using up and supporting a charity at the same time! As you probably know, I'm participating in the same BOM. I simply do not have a piece of print background fabric that even comes close to meeting the yardage requirement. That's why I've chosen to go with neutral prints for the background. I can come up with lots of smaller pieces to make it work. I hope, for your sake, you have enough Bella to make your quilt as you wish!


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