Monday, June 6, 2022

Scrap Mini Quilts

Let no scrap be left behind!

A mini quilt made from a left over block from my I Believe in Dragons quilt.  This one finishes - once I get the binding on - at 3 1/2" square

I used scraps leftover from my quilt coats to make this mini (7" x 7" ) and a couple of bags.

Finally a set of leftover small HST from some projects - not sure which one! - makes a fun mini which finished at 9 1/2" square.

These were fun little projects with no real purpose other than to relax and sew!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Small projects like these are perfect makes for using up scraps and helping bolster creativity for me. I'm sure these will find their perfect uses and homes. :)

  2. These little cuties purpose was joyful creativeness...great for the soul. And they are fun to look at, too. They don't need any other purpose, but they could be mug rugs or simply art for art's sake and displayed on a wall. :)

  3. I have made little things like this into coasters, mug rugs etc. Cheerful and fun to sew.


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