Thursday, June 16, 2022

Surf's Up!

My family spends a week each summer at a NC beach and I enjoy sitting and watching and listening to the waves.  My mini Surf's Up attempts to capture the magic of those waves!

To create, I drew out a coloring book style wave and layer it with various colors of blue using fusible applique.  To secure the fabric layers, I did big stitch quilting.  The walking foot quilting was done after the waves were appliqued which meant threads to be buried.  I could have quilted the background first but my original plan was to quilt the waves with my walking foot.

I'm glad I didn't - I think the hand quilting adds some fun to my piece!

My mini finishes at 12" x 12".

I'll be submitting my quilt to the MQG's 2022 Make a Difference Challenge prompt is oceans and the challenge will benefit Oceana - a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the world's oceans on a global scale.  The deadline to submit a quilt is early August.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Very pretty. I love your little quilt Patty.

  2. Very pretty. I love your little quilt Patty.

  3. I agree that the hand quilting details add a lot to the piece. The mini composition itself captures so much movement and action, and the hand quilting details seem to add those moments of nostalgia and memory associated with splashes/waves/the beach/vacations.

  4. I love the hand quilting...just the right detail for this quilt. Nice way to remember those fun shore trips with family, too.

  5. Fun little keepsake, and the hand quilting adds to the charm! :)

  6. Oh gosh! This is simply delightful, Patty! You've really captured ocean splash with your design and color choices. Of course your hand quilting makes the design pop, and is the best enhancement you could have chosen. I am sure this will be accepted into the MQG challenge. Good for you to participate!


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