Thursday, June 9, 2022

Ottoman Rings Workshop

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a workshop via Zoom with Tighe Flanagan for his Ottoman Rings pattern.    Although it may not look like much, pictured above s is the bottom right quadrant - once it is squared off - for a 24" square wall hanging.

Before the class started, I figured out placement of the rings using a coloring sheet. The pattern is assembled using a series of partial seams and isn't that hard to sew once you get the hang of it- the curves themselves are very gentle. 

What I didn't prep ahead of time was transferring marks to the pieces from the templates.  The pattern does require a bit of marking on the pieces to get things lined up and I quickly regretted my choice of a dark linen as a background fabric because it was hard to see my marks.

I'm excited to put this project together but before continuing I plan to do two things.  First, rethink my choice on background fabric - I plan to audition some solid quilting cotton in a lighter color as an alternative.  Second, I will organize the pieces on my design wall for the entire quilt before sitting down to sew.

Tighe is a great teacher and had really helpful videos that walked your through complex assembly.  I can't wait to get this quilt top together!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Fun! I have a Clover fine white pen that leaves marks on dark fabrics and heat will remove them. Could that work to help with your background choice (it's lovely with the bright ring prints you chose)?

  2. I also saw a small "stamp out tool" that makes thes little v notches. Maybe something like that could help? Looks lovely! xo

  3. This is going to be so cool! I highly recommend the Fons and Porter white mechanical pencil for dark fabrics. It has a ceramic "lead", so it marks really well and comes off easily. Have fun with the rest of the project. It looks great.

  4. Pink and green leads for the mechanical pen sometimes work better on backgrounds like your gorgeous linen. I've also used a sliver regular bar soap for marking (best marker for wool coating and felted projects). Your project looks fantastic! Best wishes for keeping up the momentum!


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