Monday, March 28, 2022

My Quilt Coat Pocket

After my post last week on the completion of my second quilt coat, several people have asked for more information on how I created my pockets, a different version than  the Patchwork Chore Quilt Coat pattern calls for. 

Invaluable to the whole process of creating the coat and working on my pockets was using Swedish Tracing Paper.  For starters, it gave me easy visibility to the fabric underneath the pattern piece when cutting everything out.  For the pockets, it gave me the ability to test the pocket size before creating it in fabric.

Nothing fancy here!

I used this tutorial to change the dimensions of my coat to add about 3" in length and reduced the width to accommodate the zipper.  After testing the pocket dimensions using the Swedish Tracing Paper, I created two quilted pockets that were 9 3/4" tall and as wide as the front coat panel.   

After quilting my pockets, I used a 6 1/2" drunkards path template to cut the curved edge. 2" bias binding was then applied.   The raw edges marked zipper and bottom will be covered by binding.  The raw edge marked side seam is sewn into the side seam.

I marked a line 9 1/4" from the bottom of the front panel (left image below).  Right sides together, align the top raw edge of pocket to the drawn line and sew 1/4''.  Back stitch at both edges.

Fold over pocket and make sure the side seam, bottom, and zipper sides all align with the raw edges of the front panel.  Baste in place.

Top stitching helps secure the pocket and contain the raw edges.  I choose not to top stitch across the binding.  Instead I took a few stitches above the pocket and along the binding.

You can see what the resulting seam looks like on the inside.

The pocket is 5" along the top edge, 3" on the side seam edge and roughly 9 1/4" from top of pocket to bottom of coat.

The rest of the coat assembled as per the pattern.  Different from the tutorial, I bind the zipper edges and then apply the zipper underneath.  (Using Wonder double sided tape helped me baste the zipper so the pockets lined up with each other.)

These pockets are a perfect addition to the coat.  They are aligned perfectly to tuck my hands into and are wide enough that my phone and car keys can rest comfortably inside.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Great description of how you added the pockets!

  2. What is the pattern for your coat! It looks great!

  3. Great description of what you did!

  4. I love both of your quilted coats. That pocket is perfect too. 'Always good to have a large pocket to carry things.


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